5 Coolest Desserts to Try In Boracay Island

1. Coco Mama

CocoMama is one of the popular desserts in Boracay not because of their ice-cream is Instagrammable but the flavor of vegan coconut cream-based ice cream with mangoes and pinipig was delightful. Coco mama is indeed a perfect treat after spending a day in the scorching heat on the white sand beach of Boracay. That’s why it’s very popular not only from the locals but also from foreign tourists. Coco Mama is also dubbed as the best island dessert in Boracay as per Esquire Magazine.

They have 3 variety, the first one is the coconut ice cream with mango which is also their best seller which cost PHP 150, coconut ice cream with a fresh coconut in shell cost PHP 120 while coconut ice cream in a cup is only PHP 100. If you have no plan to go to Boracay yet, you can also find them in La Union.

Location: D’Mall Palengke, Station 2

2. Jona’s Fruit shake

If you’re craving for freshly made shakes, Jona’s Fruit Shake is really a must-try in Boracay. They have a wide variety of fruit shake including avocado milk, mango banana, melon papaya, mango pineapple, banana choco vanilla, and pineapple rhum to name a few. We ordered banana choco and mango milk through all the shakes that are really worth a try. The price ranges start from PHP 95 to PHP 180. The taste is still the same from the last time we’ve tasted it last 2017.

Originally Jona’s Fruit Shake was located at Station 1 but after the rehabilitation of Boracay, Jonas Fruit Shake is now relocated to Station 2. One thing I noticed in the taste fo their fruit shake was the sweetness is somewhat excessive, but if you are fond of sugary-taste shakes, you will definitely like it. Another thing why tourist keeps on patronizing Jona’s fruit shake not only because of its delicious taste but also their staff were very friendly and accommodating. We will definitely come back once we visit Boracay Island again.

Location: Station 2

3. Halomango

Aside from CocoMama, Halomango is also one of the best ice cream stores in Boracay Island. Actually, almost every day, there’s always a long queue of customers who are craving and wanting to taste Halomango. The replicas of their products displayed on the glass window with mango chunks poured with syrup are really enticing making you try it despite long queue.

Their mangoes were high quality and sweet combined with their delectable ice cream, that you will surely recommend to other tourists especially to foreigners. It’s absolutely a must-try in Boracay Island. They have ice cream best for couples and they also have a serving which also satisfies a group of 10 people. If you’re looking for an ice cream mango dessert that you will surely enjoy, Halomango is here for you.

Location: D’Mall and at station 2 beachfront near Boracay Uptown

4. Crazy Crepes

Crazy Crepes is one of the popular deserts in Boracay because of its aesthetics and mouth-watering combination of crepe with ice cream. Crazy Crepes is located along D’Mall. You can easily notice their store not only because of its eye-catching design but also a queue of customers who wanted to try their specialty. The price ranges from PHP 100-150 pesos. We ordered Mango Choco Vanilla, and it comes with sliced mango, chocolate and manila ice cream with nuts on top. If you’re looking for affordable yet delicious crepes with ice cream. Crazy Crepes is here for you. Their wide variety of choices will definitely make customers come back again. So if you love mangoes and chocolates, I highly recommend Crazy Crepes.

Preparing the crepe

Location: D’Mall and at station 2

5. Avo Bravo

Avo Bravo is a small store located inside the D’mall, despite being small, they can still compete with other big dessert stores in Boracay. If you are not into mangoes, maybe you would like to try Avo Bravo. Avocado lovers out there? Avo Bravo will surely satisfy your avocado cravings from Avocado Sundae to limitless toppings that complement its flavors! Same with the other dessert store, Avo Bravo has a wide variety of combinations to choose from. They have Avocado Sundae cheesecake flavor, rock & salt, and cheese, graham avocado and oreo to name a few. The price ranges PHP 99-PHP 120 depending on the size. You can also request for Add-ons for only PHP 10. If you’re craving for avocado dessert in Boracay, Avo Bravo is located in D’Mall near the EPIC club.

Location: D’Mall and at station 2

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