5 Most Romantic Spots in the US for a Date

From the Niagara Falls to Hollywood: America’s Most Interesting Places and Activities for a Dare. What to try in the USA if you want to arrange an unusual romantic surprise for your loved one, take a rest from a daily grind together with your partner, or just explore new exciting spots.

Hollywood and the Grand Canyon, Disneyland and Niagara, Alcatraz and Manhattan, the historic Route 66 and the Appalachian Trail, McDonald’s and Starbucks – America is the champion in the number of legendary places, events, and brands. The country is romanticized, idolized, and disliked by many. But it surely doesn’t leave you indifferent.

Anyone who has ever watched television at least once in their life has their idea of ​​America – based on cinema, books, or Instagram. And no matter how you imagine the States, this is true. But to say “I have seen the United States” ​​is similar to saying that you have counted all the stars in the sky. Each of the 50 states has its character, each of the American cities has a special atmosphere, and literally, everything can be found on a vast territory of this country. We’ll give you a list of best ideas for a romantic vacation and unusual spots to spend a date so that you do not feel like a kid in a candy shop when finally visiting the USA. 

Stroll around Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite places

New York is like a cinema in real life, and there is something emigrantish about it too. New York is gastronomic and hipster, a business center and cultural capital – like the Mystic from the X-Men, the city skillfully changes shape. What you definitely can’t miss is the panorama of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge, the view of the Statue of Liberty from the ferry to Staten Island, and the evening Times Square – perhaps the most saturated concentrate in New York.

For a special atmosphere and colorful impressions, go to the areas of Soho, Chelsea, Chinatown, or Brighton Beach. Follow the trail of your favorite TV series to find Friends and Carrie Bradshaw at home or see where John Lennon and David Bowie lived. When you are stunned by the rhythm of the metropolis, have a picnic with squirrels in Central Park or order a Chemex at Williamsburg coffee shop – in the hipster district of the city, they know a lot about third-wave coffee.

Make a personal rating of top national parks

If we compare unusual landscapes with other planets, then the United States is a whole galaxy. From Maine to Alaska, from California to Florida, more than fantastic national parks are waiting for you.

The dizzying bends of the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon in Arizona, Yellowstone geysers, Yosemite lakes and rocks, Saguaro cactus forests, Glacier Bay glaciers in Alaska, and the Death Valley, where they shot Tatooine from Star Wars, can’t be completed in a week of vacation, but now you know exactly what to do in retirement! And if you want to have an educative and unforgettable date, choose any of the parks and spend a retreat day there.

Try your luck

“What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas!” Besides this motto, the gambling capital lives by the principle “You can never be too extra:” everything is bright, loud, and too much in the evening of Las Vegas.

“Sin City” meets slot machines right at the airport. In Las Vegas itself, the pursuit of Fortune will drag out even the most non-hazardous. Try your luck: the minimum bets on the one-armed bandits are less than a dollar.

Celebrating a win or forgetting a failure is easy on the Las Vegas Strip. Here you will find everything – from hotel copies of Paris and Venice to the Cirque du Soleil show and the enchanting Bellagio fountains on the lake. Do not hesitate to sneak into luxury hotels – in Las Vegas, they are not inferior to museums and art galleries. We believe such a place will be perfect for a wild romantic night.

You can admire the panorama of the city and make sure that it stands in the middle of the desert from the height of the Stratosphere. And if Vegas is charged with adventure, jump from the tower with a bungee: flying from the height of an 84-story building, you will use the attraction that has entered the Guinness Book of Records!

Go wild at the Burning Man Festival

Radical self-expression and unbridled creativity are among the main principles of the Burning Man festival city. There is everything that you can imagine, and even more of that which you cannot.

Every year, in the middle of the Black Rock desert, a city is erected to destroy all traces of a person’s stay here after 8 days. Every year, this city is filled with voices and music, fantastic buildings and incredible costumes, mutant cars, and surreal art objects.

For the week of the festival, tens of thousands of participants refuse money and the usual amenities in favor of self-sufficiency, gifts, and mutual assistance. Tickets for the event are sold out in the first seconds of the start of sales, and the culmination of the action is the burning of a huge wooden statue. If yoga detox retreats are not for you, take a look at Burning Man: this experience will no less effectively turn everything you know about the world upside down and become the best romantic weekend you could ever possibly have.

Get soaking wet under the waterfall

It is believed that Niagara is more beautiful from the side of Canada. But on the American side, there are usually fewer people. First, you hear a roar, then fog appears. And only then in all its glory appears Niagara Falls, the most famous and powerful in America.

It will not be possible to get out of the water dry: small sprays reach even the viewing platforms, and when walking on a boat, raincoats do not save. Accept the inevitable, securely cover the equipment, and enjoy what is happening: you absorb the power of the elements.

If time permits, admire Niagara in the light of day and the evening, when they turn on a spectacular backlight – if you are lucky, you will see fireworks. For holders of a Canadian visa, there is a life hack: the waterfall is located on the border of the USA and Canada, and you can go to the neighboring country on foot along the Rainbow Bridge. A great opportunity to enjoy the view from a different angle! And a perfect spot for a cool photo or even a marriage proposal.

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