South Cebu Adventure: Alegria canyoneering and Kawasan Falls in Badian

Alegria Canyoneering and Kawasan falls in Badian is one of the places that you shouldn’t skip if you want to experience some extreme adventure in Cebu. This extreme adventure is also one of the highlights of our vacation in the province of Cebu. For those who didn’t know what canyoneering is all about. Basically, canyoneering is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques and outdoor skills which required for some adrenaline pumping and death-defying activities. These activities include cliff jumping, downclimbing, scrambling, hiking, and swimming. Canyoneering is frequently done in a remote settings places like in Alegria and Badian in Cebu. If you’re an adventure seeker or a type of person who is not afraid of this kind of activities, this one is for you.

adventure guide for Alegria canyoneering


After visiting thousands of sardines and sea turtles; snorkeling and diving on the beautiful island of Pescador, we went to the town of Badian to experience famous canyoneering in Kanla-ob River. Badian is a municipality in the province of Cebu which located 3 hours away from Cebu City.

adventure guide for Alegria canyoneering

We arrived at Barangay Matutinao in Badian around eleven thirty (11:30 AM) in the morning. We went directly to the JoePro Canyoneering Adventures briefing station for the orientation. The Canyoneering tour was also included in our whole Cebu adventure package. JoePro Adventures is the first Canyoneering Operator in Badian and the fourth Canyoneering operator in Cebu. They have the nicest and the most experienced canyoneering tour guides from Badian.

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guide for Alegria canyoneering
Our driver(Wearing yellow polo shirt) and the tour guide help us to wear our life vest and helmet.

From the station, they immediately gave to us the helmet and life vest of course for safety purposes, this is required since there’s a lot of things may happen during the canyoneering. The helmet is very useful because it can protect your head from bumping into big rocks, pointed stalactite, and other rock formation that you can be found in Kanla-ob river. A life vest is very useful for you to float on the water especially after you jump off from the high cliff.  Both gears are included in the tour canyoneering package. Shoes are also required since you will go more on rock climbing, scrambling, and hiking. For me, slippers are not advisable to wear in here, because there’s a possibility that you will loose it on cliff jumps and also by the river flows.

guide for Alegria canyoneering

guide for Alegria canyoneering

Shoes are not included in the package, but if you forgot to bring one you can rent a pair of it for ₱ 100.00(One hundred Pesos) from JoePro Adventures. Luckily, I bought aqua shoes before I left Manila because, at first, I’ve already expected that there’s a lot of water activity during our stay in Cebu. I like how they care for their clients, the tour guides are so nice from the very start until the end of our adventure.


So after our preparation, we were transported to the starting point of canyoneering which was located in Kanal-ob in Alegria via single motorcycle or they simply called it Habal-habal. We traveled around ten to fifteen minutes motorcycle ride before we reach the starting point. The driver dropped us at the registration area where we have to be registered first before we can proceed to canyoneering.


I though after riding a motorcycle we can immediately start canyoneering, but I was wrong because we have to trek the mountain trails first for approximately thirty to forty minutes. We started walking around twelve noon and we reached the Kanla-ob river around 12:35 PM. Walking down the mountain is just an appetizer and also just a beginning of our long journey.

guide for Alegria canyoneering

Trekking for about a minute with your friends is such another great adventure experience. The photo worthy landscape and beautiful scenery that you can see along the trail will surely take away your weary.

The road that you can see somewhat on the middle or farther left side is the registration area where we started walking.

Trekking for thirty minutes will get you thirsty. So If you’re hungry or you get thirsty by trekking, there’s a small store located in the middle where you can buy foods such as cup noodles, snacks, energy drinks, chocolate bars, candies, coffee, and water. The small bottled water cost ₱ 15.00 and the bigger one cost ₱ for Alegria canyoneering

At the end of the trail,  there is a small nipa hut where you can sit and take some rest.

You have to be careful with your steps because the trail nearby the canyoneering is a little bit downhill. It is also impassable if the weather is not that good because some of the trails have a slippery mud so I think it is more dangerous to go down to the canyoneering when the rains fall through the mountain. Luckily, the god has mercy and a sunny weather burst upon us.


Reminder: Any little wrong movements may lead you to fall. So you have to focus and be alert every time.

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So finally, we reached the Kanla-Ob river starting point. It actually starts at Alegria and will end to Kawasan fall which is located in Badian. Upon approaching the area, we were filled with joy and excitement as we heard the relaxing sounds of the river flowing down the stream, the voice of people shouting and screaming like nobody is listening and the natural sounds of nature which makes you feel so unwind.

Before you start canyoneering, you must follow these house rules:

  • Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints.
  • Follow your guide’s instruction at all time.
  • Do not go ahead of your guide
  • Wait for the person behind you for safety reasons, wear your life vest and helmet at all time.
  • Stay low when you’re going down.
  • Bend your knees when jumping and fold your legs when jumping in shallow waters.


I can’t help myself but just to be amazed by these rock formation. Honestly, I got stuck by the amazing stalactite and I can’t remove my sight from them realizing that hundreds or probably thousands of years it takes before it formed something like this.


This is the first cliff we have to jump in, it is approximately 10-15ft.  It is not required since there’s another passage that you can take if you’re not yet ready to jump. Actually, this is the first time I jump off the falls, at first I felt a bit of nervous but it doesn’t remove my excitement. Our tour guides teach us where and how to jump, they also motivate and give us the courage to jump. I trust them, so it happens. I jumped off the cliff and I conquer my fear of heights. It seems like I had passed a difficult test. The feeling was like you left your heart above. It was a great experience indeed.

guide for Alegria canyoneering

If I’m not mistaken, there’s a total of 5 cliff jumps in the canyons. The highest one was the 50ft but there is a warning sign and they didn’t allow canyoners to jump off that cliff. The highest cliff that we jumped was approximately 30 – 35 Ft. All of the jumping spots that we pass through was all optional.

guide for Alegria canyoneering
Me and my friends doing the dub post after our first jump while our tour guides are busy with their conversation haha


First of all, I know the feeling of having an Acrophobia or a fear of heights. When you look down from the top of a high building, panic starts to rise, the nervous swooping around your body begins. You will lose a control to your legs. It turns numb and seems like you don’t want to do anything but to hold a person in front of you. For my personal experience,  I will share with you the four basic things to remember to conquer your fear of heights.

  • Give yourself a time
    • Don’t jump immediately, give yourself a time to think then….
  • Inhale and exhale
    • Breathe deeply, don’t bother with your fears. Do not look down, the more you look down, the more fear will conquer you.
  • Trust and motivate yourself
    • Be brave, fearless and adventurous. Trust yourself that you can do anything, know your limits then push them.
  • Just enjoy the moment
    • Then Jump! Enjoy every moment and take that experience as a learning 🙂

guide for Alegria canyoneering

Another breathtaking cliff jump was the third and it was 25ft high!. I don’t want to jump at first since it was too high for me and when I look down there is something that prevents my feet to jump, but my excitement is still there so when I saw my friend jumping off that cliff, “medyo natapakan yung ego ko” since my friend was a girl. So I didn’t hesitate to jump. We repeat it three times because their first two jumps were not recorded by the GoPro hahaha. Anyway, I’ll be posting the videos soon.

badian canyoneering
Trying hard to make it round. It so difficult since we were drifting by the strong current of water that time.

You can also find a Tarzan-like swing that will let you fall into the refreshing water.Unfortunately, it’s not free, you have to pay ₱ 10.00 for it.

kawasan falls in badian


So after four hours of exhausting but fun walking, hiking, climbing, trekking, swimming, jumping, and scrambling. We finally reach the end-point. The Kawasan Falls. The beautiful ending. Kawasan Falls takes away all of our exhaustion.

If you feel hungry from your journey, there is also a restaurant and stores besides Kawasan Falls that offers local foods and Cebuano delicacies.

This is the photo taken beside the Church. The church was located at the entrance of Kawasan Falls. There is a bathroom there so you can take some bath and change your clothes.


This Alegria canyoneering to Kawasan Falls in Badian is a four hours activity of fun and excitement that will make your adventure more memorable. Hardly believing that I’ve been there and I actually made it. So if I ask you to describe Alegria Canyoneering and Badian Kawasan falls in one word, what do you think is the best word for it? The right word for me is Superb!


Our tour guide from JoePro was so nice(Left side). They never complain. They always offer to take a group photo with us, where is the good spot to take a photo. I remember when we are having difficulty stepping the slippery rocks and limestone, one of them offers his hands and shoulder for us to tramp so we can cross through. They support us every time. They are funny as well. Actually, they are four but we didn’t get a chance to take a picture with his other colleagues.


  • Action Camera such as GoPro, Supremo, and SJ Cam, or any camera that is capable of using underwater. DSLR cameras even mirrorless are not advisable to bring in this adventure since it can be damaged by the water and unexpected hit to rocks.
  • Dry bag for bringing extra batteries, towel, and some drinks, and etc. You can also put your phone inside the dry bag.
  • Extra Batteries for your ActionCam since this adventure will last for four to five hours.
  • Extra Memory card, I know you will take hundreds of photos and videos so it’s better to buy and upgrade or if you have an old memory card you can bring it for backup if your current memory is full.


  • Rush guard, t-shirt, sando, swimsuits and two piece is okay
  • Life Vest (Required)
  • Helmet (Required)
  • Aqua shoes, sandals with straps, and sneakers. Slippers is not a good option.

I hope this post helps you, So if you want to experience this kind of extreme canyoneering activity in Cebu, you can book with JoePro Adventures

JoePro Adventures Details

For just ₱ 1,500/Pax you can experience this once in a lifetime extreme adventure opportunity in Cebu. This includes 1 500 mL bottled water, helmet, life vest, tour guide and habal habal ride to starting point of canyoneering.


Mobile Number: +63-917-719-6563

Email: [email protected]

Facebook page:


We stayed at Cebu City since the hotel was included in our Cebu tour package. If you want to go directly to Badian or Alegria, I highly suggest booking a room online via Agoda and


D Alegre Travellers Inn -₱ 650.00 with free Wifi



You can check rooms at Airbnb via this link or I can also share you a discount coupon if you signed up through my referral link. Just click this link and it should be direct you into Airbnb website “Benjoe gave you  $______ to travel. Click the sign-up button to claim your credit.  Follow the Airbnb instruction to create an account, you can use your Facebook or Google Account upon signup. Once you already have an account, you can search for several hotels and resort in Badian or Alegria and use the discount coupon. Airbnb is the best way to rent unique, local accommodations on any travel budget.

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