The Most Amazing Scuba Diving Sites in The World

Scuba diving is a popular hobby because you can explore underwater and see what feels like another world, that of the deep sea. The next question for many people is where they can and should go scuba diving. Here are some of the most amazing scuba diving sites in the world. And we won’t just give recommendations for advanced divers.

Barracuda Point

It is located off Sipadan Island in Malaysia. This amazingly untouched ocean spot is rich in barracuda, turtles, tropical fish, and other marine life. The healthy coral is beautiful and the area was made famous by Jacques Cousteau raving about it. There are many opportunities for wall-diving here. However, this site is not suitable for newbie divers. There are micro-diving sites at various resort islands as well.

Barracuda point

The Yongala

It is a shipwreck off the coast of Queensland in Australia, on the Great Barrier Reef. It is located about 90 kilometers southeast of Townsville. This diving spot thus lets you see not only sea snakes, turtles, and sharks but a hundred-year-old shipwreck in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.


Qawra Reef

It is in North Malta. This is an excellent site for new scuba divers and there are routes you can take through the reefs that are a challenge for advanced scuba divers. The reef itself has a 40metere (120 foot) drop off. You can go for a wall dive or explore the many coral caves. Because this scuba diving location isn’t as well-known as others in Malta, it is in nearly pristine condition.

Qawra Reef

Blue Corner Wall

It Blue Corner Wall is located in Palau in Micronesia. This Pacific scuba diving spot lets you see sharks, rays, snappers, mantis shrimps and beautiful coral. Up to a dozen species of shark may be seen in just one day when you go swimming beyond the reef wall. Novices can swim here when there is no current, but only advanced divers should be out here when the currents are strong.

The Blue Hole

It is one of the best diving sites in Malta, and it is certainly one of the most popular ones because it is accessible even to amateur scuba divers. The Blue Hole is located near Dweijra, Gozo in the Maltese islands. This popular scuba diving spot starts with a natural ten-meter or thirty-foot-wide natural sea pool inland leading to a larger hole that takes scuba divers into the open ocean. This site overlooks the equally famous Azure Window.



It is another scuba diving spot centered around a shipwreck, that of the British Thistlegrom. This wreck is located in the Egyptian Red Sea and was found by Jacques Cousteau in 1956. The ship sank in 1941 while carrying supplies for World War 2. It is the most popular wreck dive in the Red Sea. It is a good trip for those with intermediate to advanced diving skills.

The Inland Sea and Tunnel

The Inland Sea and Tunnel are located near Dweijra, Gozo. It starts in a sixty-meter (180 foot) inlet surrounded by awe-inspiring high cliffs. You will see a stunning natural light show as you swim among great rock formations, sea life, and coral. If you don’t feel like driving, you could ride a boat through the same tunnel. Local fishing boats take the route when the seas are calm. And if you time it right, you could see both this attraction and the Blue Hole.

All these destinations have something different to offer. Whether it’s Barracuda Point’s rich immersive experience, the sheer beauty of the Great Barrier Reef or Thistlegrom’s popular shipwrecks, these dive sites have something for everybody.

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Elena Tahora
Elena works for, a diving centre operating out of Malta. They specialise in scuba diving equipment and offer basic to advanced scuba lessons in some of the best diving sites in Malta

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