Travel Guide: Azure Urban Resort (Bicutan, Parañaque City)

Traveling is one of the best thing to do in life, you might forget some of your problems for a while, stress-free and away from work, leaving your workspaces, save your eye in front of your number cruncher machines and escape from the reality that your working on a “nine to five” or maybe on your night shift . Traveling is an exciting, risk taking,  and an irreplaceable happiness especially when you traveling with you love ones and friends. But after that long invaluable experiences,  your body would get tired of your journey going back to your home because of the travel time.


Did you know that you can also feel the grainy sand beaches, get your skin tanned under the sun, wear your favorite swimsuit and swim trunks, without leaving the city? Yup! you read it right! It’s surprising because it’s within Metro Manila! So, if you love a beach lifestyle, Azure Urban Resort is for you!

Paris Hilton Azure Urban Resort Residences is located in Parañaque City near SM Bicutan. It’s just 30-45 minutes away from Cubao. Azure Urban Resort is a high-end and one of a kind beach club in the country which integrates the world’s different class dining, entertainment, relaxation, and great amenities.

Azure Urban Resort Beach club


Upon arriving in the building’s lobby, you have to present at least one valid ID to the receptionist and then they will give a visitor’s pass, you have to bring it every time you go outside your room for security purposes. Just be careful and do not put it anywhere, because it’ll cost you 500 pesos when you misplace the card.

The Amenities

  • Lap pool
  • Wave pool
  • Azure beach
  • Children’s beach playground
  • The beach bar
  • Beach volleyball
  • Paris beach club

They have a four(4) swimming pool, the lap pool or the Olympic-like pool, the azure beach where you can do some sunbathing, the children’s beach playground obviously for kids, and the massive waving pool. The maximum height of the pool is 5ft.

Aside from pools, they also have a beach bar, a cafe, movie and game room, and a volleyball court, so you can play along and really enjoy your stay with your families or friends.

Olympic size pool Azure Resort

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Azure Beach

Gym at Azure Resort Paris Hilton

If you’re a fitness minded person, they also have a room for you, they actually have a fitness center inside the resort, so you will not skip your exercise routine.

We’re composed of 8 people, so we rent two rooms since only four people are allowed in each room. Azure Resort is so strict when it comes to their policy. Before we arrive, the middleman always says that Azure management is not allowing more than four persons in a room. Our first room is located on the second floor and the second room is on the sixteenth floor of the building, it’s impendent to shift from one room into another together with your friends,  that’s okay but do not make it obvious.  The building is so secured, each floor, hallways, and elevators have a CCTV camera.

So, after we put our stuff in the room we take a rest for a while then my friends cook some foods for our dinner. We just bought some foods and shopped for a groceries outside to save money, because the café inside is a bit pricey, don’t be worried, SM Bicutan is just a walking distance from Azure Resort.


Every room has a super soft bed, a small kitchen, clean bathroom and a telephone line. Not so big, but it is enough for 3-4 persons.



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The bed sheet is well prepared and smells good. The room ambiance is great, from the lights up to the environments, you can easily sleep without any disturbance. The kitchen has a utensil already so won’t worry anymore thus it’s free to use! Plate, water glass, spoon and fork  are clean and ready to use.

A fiber optic internet connection? something really awesome!

While our friend is busy preparing our dinner, we started to wander and we go upstairs to see the roof deck. From there, you can see the beauty of the resort. It is a great spot for those who are addicted to the selfie. Don’t forget to bring a tripod and a wide lens if you’re in a photography, there’s a lot of things that you can use as a subject. The sky, the light trails, buildings and the metro landscape.

There’s a couch in the roof deck, you can sit and lay down so you won’t get tired while standing.

Roof Deck Azure resort


Breathtaking view from the roof deck.


We expect that there’s a party on the beach after the daylight came out. We’re disappointed when we knew that the beach is only open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. So when the night comes down, all you hear is the cricket sound. Nothing to do. So we just sat on the shore of the man-made beach and started taking photos. After a while, we go back to our designated room to sleep. I think the reason why they don’t have any activities, party because it is not a peak season that time? (January 06, 2017). I’ll update this post when we return to the summer season.

Paris Hilton Beach Club



There is a lot of apps and websites that you can find on the internet if you don’t have a contact inside.
I will suggest you three apps: You can also get a discount when you sign up.

1.  AirBnb

I can share you a discount coupon if you signed up through my referral link. Just click this link and it should be direct you into AirBnb website “Benjoe gave you  $______ to travel. Click the sign-up button to claim your credit.  Follow the AirBnb instruction to create an account, you can use your Facebook or Google Account upon signup.

Once you already have an account, you can search for several Azure rentals to use the discount coupon.

Airbnb is the best way to rent unique, local accommodations on any travel budget.

         2. Agoda

Click or type Azure Urban Residences in the search box below.


Search Azure Urban Residences in the search box below.


  1.  Via Public Transportation

How to get into Azure Urban Resort

2. Via Private Vehicle


How to go to Azure Urban Resort

This route is only applicable if you’re from Quezon City, Antipolo, Pasay, Manila, Caloocan, and Makati City.

Click this link to view the route on the map.

No copyright infringement intended.
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Have you been here in Azure Urban Resort Residences?
Feel free to share your experiences below. 🙂

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