8 reasons why REKADO is one of the best modern Filipino cuisines in town

REKADO is one of a kind restaurant that serves a native Filipino delicacy with a twist. They revolutionized the classic “Lutong Bahay” into modern Filipino style cuisine.  If you’re craving for sinigang, crispy pata, pork binagoongan, liempo, kare kare and chiken inasal, I’m sure you can have all of these culinary masterpieces in Rekado.

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Here are some reasons why Rekado is one of the best modern Filipino cuisines in town.


8. Awesome location

If you’re looking for a casual dining restaurant that serves modern Filipino cuisine, do not go any further, one of the reasons why REKADO is the best, it’s because of its location, REKADO Modern Filipino cuisine is just around the metro, If you’re coming from Cubao, you can ride a jeepney from Aurora Boulevard, just look at the placard indicating SSS, Bayan, Marikina. REKADO is located at Lot 17 L-2 Cornerstone Residence Katipunan St. Concepcion Dos Marikina City.

Rekado modern Filipino Cusines

7. Great ambiance and atmosphere

modern filipino cuisines

We went there around 9:00 pm, that was a cold night because it’s raining outside, but in spite of the cold weather, we still feel the warmth accommodation of their staff. The place is so nice and cozy. I like the lightning and the interior design, the ambiance is simply superb.

modern filipino cuisines

6. Scrumptious dishes

They have a variety of scrumptious dishes that you will surely come back. When I say “scrumptious” it is really a mouth-watering dishes and it will definitely trigger your lust for food. We tried their prawn salted egg, crispy pork binagoongan and the boneless crispy pata. I can say that all the food is a must-try. I hope we would return here immediately so we can try other dishes in the menu like sinigang and their other specialty.

Boneless Crispy Pata at Rekado

5. Great Price and Services

The food comes with a great and reasonable price. Ranging from ₱ 45.00 – ₱ 510.00 is very affordable especially for those who eat together with friends or with family. The food serving is not only for one but it also good for a group, so it is worth the expense.

4. The Prawn Salted Egg 

REKADO Prawn Salted Egg

I’m sure that seafood lovers will definitely love this spicy flavored meaty prawn salted egg. Guys, you need a plenty of rice for this. This Prawn was coated with a heavenly sauce made with salted egg, and it was simply divine. I love how do they transform it from classic Filipino delicacy into a something modern Filipino cuisine that makes it so special.

modern filipino cuisines

The grainy texture is a result of the fusion of prawn and the salted egg yolk. The finger licking large prawn were tasty, complementing the juicy sauce perfectly and it is only cost ₱ 350.00 and it will serve up to 2-3 persons. If you’re planning to visit Rekado, make sure that Prawn Salted Egg is on your list.

3. They have the best bagoong 

This specialty of Rekado should be in the top of the list of the best Crispy Pork Binagoongan in town. I love the distinct scent and a strong sweet and spicy taste plus the crunchy texture of the crisp-fried pork that dressed with bagoong sauce. The smell will really make you hungry.  The delicious taste of their bagoong leaves a lasting impression for me, one of the best crispy pork binagoongan I’ve ever tasted that’s why it is one of the best sellers on their menu. Aside from the luscious taste, it is also affordable because it cost ₱ 220.00 only and will serve up to two to three(2-3) persons.

Honestly, I can’t figure out the right word how do I describe how satisfying it is. So if you want to experience it on your own, what are you waiting for? REKADO will surely feed your hungry tummy with their modern Filipino delicacies!

2. The Tender Boneless Crispy Pata 

Crispy pata is one of the all-time Filipino favorite dishes and it’s usually served on special occasions, but here in REKADO, I think no need to wait for special occasions, because in REKADO, every day is already special.

Crispy pata is the best, but boneless crispy pata? oh, that was awesome. This massive crispy pata is also on the list of their best seller.

Why Rekado’s boneless crispy pata is the best pata?

The Rekado’s boneless crispy pata is so tender unlike other pata that I’ve tried before is grisly. The sprinkled chicharron on top that adds additional flavors comes with a special sweet and sour soy sauce or they simply call it a pata sauce, So perfect with a pure meat of fried pork shank. This boneless crispy pata cost ₱ 510.00 only, the serving is good for 3-4 persons. You can do some calculation on how much you will save if you order boneless crispy pata. This is best served for a big group of friends or family.

Boneless Crispy Pata Rekado

Actually, this is not totally boneless. They knew that some people still wants to suck-up some tendons and ligaments in the bone. So don’ worry, you can still get your favorite pork knuckles when you try their boneless crispy pata.

1. Authentic and Modern Filipino Cuisine with a Twist!

All of their dishes are authentic and unique and the recipes are originally made by the Rekado.  A truly mouth-watering dishes that I’m sure you’ll gonna love it. It’s so amazing because they turn a simple Filipino dish into a something modern Filipino Cuisine with a twist!

Photo op with the owner of REKADO modern filipino cuisine | Sir Marco Bitong

Rekado opened last October 2016. Since then, they got a lot of positive feedback from their customers and I totally agree with it because I experienced it personally. Rekado is great for friends and Family bonding.

In this coming Valentines day(Feb 13-15) from 5pm-11pm, all food in their menu will be replaced by a romantic dishes such as steak, salads, and chicken herb roll, etc. Rekado’s original menu will only be served for lunch time on Feb 13-15 from 11am-2pm.

Rekado also accepts reservation and event services. You can visit their Facebook page for more info



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