La paz beach zambales

A Quick Weekend Getaway: La Paz Beach, Zambales

It's already summer here in the Philippines, most of us want some relaxation and refreshment during this season to beat the scorching heat. Zambales is one of the popular destinations for beach-goers...

5 Most Romantic Spots in the US for a Date

From the Niagara Falls to Hollywood: America's Most Interesting Places and Activities for a Dare. What to try in the USA if you want to arrange an unusual romantic surprise for your loved one,...

Hundred Islands, Alaminos: Budget Travel Guide and How to Get There

Hundred Islands National Park Hundred Islands National Park is a protected area located in Alaminos, Pangasinan. It's 124 islands during low tide and 123 at high tide scattered in...
Sardine run

Sardines Run: Swimming with Million Sardines in Moalboal

The sardine runs in Moalboal is one of the famous destinations in Cebu due to its abundance group of fish that stick together to protect themselves against larger prey. The sardine runs...
Sirao Flower Garden Cebu

Sirao Flower Garden: The Little Amsterdam of Cebu

Sirao Flower Garden or Sirao Flower Farm was dubbed as the "Mini Amsterdam of Cebu" since Amsterdam in the Netherlands is popular for its beautiful flower gardens.