Ultimate Travel Guide to Burias Group of Islands + Alibijaban Island

Burias Group of Islands is located in the province of Masbate, but the jump off point for the island hopping is in the port of San Andres, Quezon. Our travel time was about 7-8 hrs from Manila.

Because our group wants to travel with less hassle, we got a package tour from Map Travel & Tours. They had a promo for the Burias island tour so we grabbed it.

Animasola Island


Animasola Island was the first stop of our island hopping. We were so amazed by its beautiful rock formation and clear water surrounding it. Our tour guide told us that this island is her most favorite, as you will appreciate more its beauty if it’s at low tide. Since it was high tide when we got there,  she said that there’s a small lagoon the water is clearer than we expected. 🙂

Tinalisayan Islet + Sandbar

Traveling from Animasola to Tinalisayan Islet took about 1-1.5hrs. As we reached the sandbar, I was surprised with its crystal clear water and pure white sand. Unfortunately,  the sandbar was just small because of the high tide. But we still enjoyed our short stay there because of its very relaxing aura. I wasn’t able to take much pictures there, as I kept swimming using my whole face mask to discover fishes underwater XD.

Sombrero Island

It was late afternoon when we reached the next destination. As we’re getting nearer the island, we already knew it was Sombrero Island because it’s shaped like a hat. This island is where most of the travelers stay overnight. If you don’t want to stay in a tent, they offer rooms for accommodation. Although lots of tourists stayed there that night, we still felt the peaceful vibes of the island. Stress reliever indeed, which what I love the most. So if you’re stressed and need some quite time to relax, this is one of the best places to visit.

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One of my favorite things I did here was to chase the sunset <3

And our dinner for that night……. 🙂

Sombrero Island has public toilets but if you need to take a bath, you’ll pay P50 per container. And it’s better to take a bath earlier or before the sunset to avoid falling in line. There are also sari-sari stores around the island but expect it to be pricey. So for DIY travelers, bring more water, and also they allowed to bring foods.

Day 2

Snake/Dapa Island

Obviously, the next island was called Snake Island because literally, there are snakes around it XD We weren’t able to take a pic of the snake we saw swimming around.. haha But luckily, I was already in the boat when a snake appeared. Well, I still love this island, because of it’s crystal clear water <3 just be careful of the rocks as it will hurt you (better to use aqua shoes for protection). One of the activities I’ve enjoyed the most was the cliff jump. Yeah, it was my first time to cliff jump. I felt a bit nervous when I was on the jumping spot already. Then, I felt like I jumped already for a minute. 😀

Alibijaban Island

The last stop was in Alibijaban Island, I was mesmerized with the island because of its pristine clear water <3 Because that day was at high tide, this small island was submerged.


I would like to share our itinerary for 2D1N with you:


DAY 0 Meet-up 9:00 PM
ETD Manila (Ayala) 10:00 PM
Day 1 ETA San Andres Quezon 6:00 AM
Breakfast at San Andres Port 6:00 AM
Preparing for Island Hopping, ETD San Andres Port 7:00am – 8:00 am
ETA Animasola Island 10:00 AM
Explore the Island 10:00 – 11:30am
Early lunch 11:30am – 12:00 pm
ETD Animasola Island 12:00 PM
ETA Tinalisayan Island 1:00 PM
Explore the Island 1:00pm – 2:30pm
ETD Tinalisayan Island 2:30 PM
ETA Sombrero Island 3:30 PM
Camping, Dinner, Free time 3:30pm – onwards
Day 2 Breakfast, preparing for island hopping 8:00 AM
Start of Island hopping – Snake Island, Alibijaban Island 9:00 AM
Lunch at San Andres Port 12:30 PM
ETD San Andres Port 3:00 PM
ETA Manila 11:00 PM



Since we got package tour from a travel agency, for P2499, it includes 5 islands hopping boat transfer, 3 meals, tent accommodation, RT van transfer, tour guide, and travel insurance. For less than 3k, you will enjoy the beauty of Burias Group of Islands. 🙂


  • There are sea urchins in Tinalisayan and Sombrero Island. Keep safe using sandals or aqua shoes.
  • There are locals who are selling plastics in San Andres port, for keeping your things dry or use it to protect your tent from rain (if it’s not waterproof).
  • You may bring your own food, but you may also ask locals to cook food for you. 🙂
  • Expect low signal in Sombrero Island.
  • For a hassle free tour, I recommend Map Travel & Tour. Just visit their Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/MAPtravelandtours/

So this concludes our summer getaway in Burias Group of Islands. Happy traveling! ^_^

Don’t forget to share to Facebook, Twitter or other social media so other may benefit as well 🙂

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Riza Francisco
Hi, I'm Riza. I'm a full time mobile developer, and a part time traveller 😊 I love to travel as much as i can and to explore new things. Travelling is my stress reliever.

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