Calaguas Island: The Boracay of the east

Calaguas Island – We were all stunned the moment we arrived in this powdery white sand beach located at the Tinaga Island, the main island of Calaguas, the eastern part of the Philippines and a part of Bicol region. Calaguas island can rival the number one and famous Boracay Island beach in Panay.

Calaguas Island
Shot by Jr Hulip


Calaguas Island is undoubtedly one of the best white sand beaches that can be found in the Philippines. The crystal turquoise water also made the island more popular to the tourist. Some of my friends who have been in Boracay before inevitably compare the two beaches. The opinions are divided. Some of them said that Calaguas beach is better than Boracay and vice versa.

Calaguas Island

The long stretch of sand called Mahabang Buhangin by the locals. The sand is white and very smooth. You will be accommodated with a picture perfect view once you step in the island. The island is so amazing and still unspoiled even after a long time has been passed.

Calaguas Island


We left Manila around 12:30 AM and we arrived at Vinzons proper at 9:00 AM for the breakfast and we arrived at the port at exactly 10:00 AM. Vinzons is a municipality in the province of Camarines Norte. Calaguas Islands are part of Vinzons. The travel time going to Calaguas via boat is a maximum of two hours. Some of the blogs said it’s 3 hours, but honestly, it is only 2 hours.

There’s no other way but to ride a boat. We advised to cover up all of our things to protect from getting wet since the sea was commonly expected as wavy. There are locals who sells plastic where you could put your stuff in. The transparent plastic cost Php 20.00 which can be occupied by 2-3 bags.

Calaguas Island


The ocean is calm and the waves were creeping steadily towards us opposite to what we expect. The picturesque view along our journey is astonishing and really worth to visit. The Philippines not only proved that it’s more fun in the Philippines but also it’s more places worth to visit in the Philippines. 

Calaguas Island
Photo By Keneth Tendero

Calaguas Island is one of the best beaches you shouldn’t skip since it has a lot of amazing things to offer. It is truly a paradise lies in the doubtless beauty of the province of Camarines Norte.

Calaguas Island
Shot by Leyn Dolorical (c) Cherrie Mae Canque

We arrived at Calaguas Island at exactly 12:30 PM. Upon approaching the shore, we couldn’t resist ourselves to amaze by its turquoise crystal clear water and a powdery-like sand. The sea was like a rippling blanket of brochure-blue harassing the beachgoers in their endless hunger.

Calaguas Island
Shot by Diane April Alvarez

Calaguas Island
(c) Jah Visperas

Words are not enough to say how wonderful this island is. Our heart filled with full of excitement like we’re ready to jump immediately from our boat and swim at the fresh clear water of Calaguas Island.

Calaguas Camarines
(c) Allen Nopre

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We got a great spot since our camp is a few meters away from the shore. There are small cottages which also included in our Calaguas Island tour package. We arrived late, so we immediately took our lunch and prepare for the island hopping.


It’s no wonder why beachgoers travel for almost 10 hours from Manila just to be able to visit this hidden gem of Camarines Norte.

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Claguas Island
You can rent a Kayak for only Php 200.00 per hour.


Our trip to Calaguas Island wouldn’t be complete without Island hopping and snorkeling. Like what I’ve said, the turquoise water in Calaguas is super clear and I’m sure it will definitely put you into bliss.

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Aside from swimming, beach bumming, snorkeling and island hopping. There is another activity in Calaguas Island that will hold your breath. You have to trek for about 30-45 minutes to be able to see the scenic view of the whole island from the hill top. Better to wake up as much as early in the morning to witness the sunrise.

Bring out your camera and start to take a picture because the magnificent view from the hill top is just another sight to behold.

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Calaguas Island
(c) Karla Castro


You can either travel by land or by air.

By Land


  1. From Daet, get a jeepney ride to Minaogan fishport in Vinzons.
  2. Take the boat going to Barangay Banocboc that leaves daily at 11 AM.
  3. Hire a banca or fishing boat going to Mahabang Buhangin.

One can also hire a boat from the fishport directly to Tinaga Island. Price range depends on the size of the boat. A Php 3,000 boat can fit up to 5 people.


  1. From Daet, take the public van to Paracale.  Alight in Paracale proper and make your way to the fish port.
  2. Hire a boat to Tinaga Island and dock at Mahabang Buhangin.
  3. Alternatively, one can opt to wait for a boat going to Brgy Mangkawayan in Tinaga Island and walk for twenty to 20-30 minutes to Mahabang Buhangin.
  4. Superlines have direct trips to Paracale/Panganiban. The last trip in Cubao is 8:00 PM. If one is not able to get the direct trip, one can take the Daet trip then get off at Barangay Talobatib in the municipality of Labo and take another bus ride to Paracale. The only trip going back to Manila from Paracale leaves at 6:30 PM which is quite late already. You may opt to wait at the Talobatib intersection or go all the way to Daet which have buses leaving for Manila every hour.

The guide is based on Mike Ilagan’s blog

By Air

Naga in Camarines Sur is the closest airport with regular commercial flights via PAL( Philippine Airlines), Cebu Pac, and etc. You can arrive at Daet for around two hours drive from Naga. There are vans to Daet located in Naga Van Terminal, the earliest departs at 5 AM and the last trip is around 7 PM.

Daily trips to Bicol (Pasay Terminal)
First trip – 9:00 am – Legazpi – Regular Aircon
3:30 pm – Matnog / Bulan – Regular Aircon
6:00 pm – Naga / Lepazpi – Regular Aircon (P810)
7:00 pm – Tabaco – Regular Aircon
7:30 pm – Naga/Iriga/Nabua – Deluxe bus with CR (P1,100)
8:00 om – Naga – Regular Aircon (P650)
8:30 pm – Legazpi – Deluxe bus with CR (P1,100)
Last trip – 9:00 pm – Legazpi – Regular Aircon
Daet trips
8:30 pm – Regular Aircon (P516)
9:30 pm Deluxe (P650)
During peak season, they have a 9:00 pm trip

Anyway, for less hassle, you may contact Ms. Patricia Pascual, she offers an affordable tour package to Calaguas Island.


  • First: Snorkeling Gears, don’t forget to bring your own snorkeling gears since the water of Calaguas island is absolutely clear.
  • Camera –  to capture the moments.
  • Underwater cam(Optional, if you have)
  • Sun block lotion to protect your skin from direct sunlight since it’s very hot in Calaguas Island.
  • If you are a DIY traveler, better to bring your own tent and cooking utensils.
  • Blanket
  • Dry bags
  • Plastic bag(Bag Cover)
  • Snacks
  • Tent
  • Power Bank


  • Swimming
  • Island Hopping
  • Scuba diving ( Bring your own equipment )
  • Snorkeling ( Bring your own equipment )
  • Camping – better to bring your own camping equipment
  • Beach Hopping
  • Trekking


This is our Itinerary

DAY 0 10:00 PM Meet up at Cubao Farmers
11:00 PM ETD Cubao
DAY 1 6:00 AM ETA Vinzons proper
7:00 AM ETA VInsons port
9:00 AM ETA Calaguas Island(Mahabang Buhangin)
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Free time (Swimming)
2:00 PM Prepare for Island hopping
2:30 PM Start of Island hopping
4:00 PM Free time(Snorkeling)
5:30 PM Back to camp(Set up camp)
7:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Free time
11:00 PM Lights out
Day 2 6:00 AM Wake up Call
6:30 AM Breakfast
7:00 AM Explore the island and trekking
10:00 AM Preparation
10:30 AM Back to port
12:30 PM Lunch and buy pasalubong
1:30 PM Back to Manila
6:00 PM Dinner along the way
11:00 PM ETA Cubao

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Happy Traveling!

Watch our Calaguas Island Video below

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  1. Wow – I would travel 10 hours to get this little slice of paradise! I have yet to visit the Philippines but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things. Hope to travel there in 2018!

  2. Calaguas is a paradise. That’s it! (It’s my most favorite beach and sssh… I have this tendency to be selfish; wishing that it could stay as a secret island forever to keep it unspoiled. Its fine I mean very fine white sand, crystal blue waters, uninhabited beach speak of total perfection.)

    • Hi Agnes! I think the best time to visit Calaguas is between February to May since it’s a summer season here in the Philippines. The only disadvantage is the beach would be crowded, if you want to enjoy the whole island with fewer people I would suggest visiting between August to October 🙂


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