Calinawan Cave: A Quick Weekend Getaway

Calinawan Cave – Did you know that Calinawan Cave is another tourist attraction in Tanay Rizal, It is also famous for filming location for both local and international movies. In fact, Mulawin and La Luna Sangre is just an example of the local TV series have been filmed some of their scenes at Calinawan Cave. The history of Calinawan Cave dates back during the World War 2 as this was said to have been used by the Guerrilla Warriors as hideout against the Japanese.

Calinawan Cave


Calinawan cave is located at Brgy. Tandang, Kutyo, Tanay Rizal. It is named after the historical event where Filipino settled and agreed on their disputes between Spanish Revolutionaries, the agreement promises “linaw” a Filipino word for clarity meaning from the Bisayan word Kalinawan means “peace” it is named from after the historical event where Filipino settled and agreed on. Calinawan Cave is consist of different levels, they have the total of 7 levels the easy and the extreme levels.The cave can be toured around 20-30 minutes depending on the route and trails. The tour guide cost Php 100.00 and a Php 20.00 entrance fee per head.

Calinawan Cave
The Altar


Huge stalactite and stalagmites welcomed us upon entering the cave. The first and second level is easy since there are fewer obstacles along the way but some of the paths still have a blocking rock and some are tights so you have to bend forward. Some part of the cave is totally dark like when you’re closing your eyes. As per our guide, the layer seven of the cave is the hardest part to pass by since you have to roll and crawl to reach the other ends. So if you want to experience the more thrill part of the cave, it’s better to bring some extra clothes since your clothes will surely get smirch.

Glittering natural minerals

I was amazed by the natural glittering minerals that can be seen inside the cave. The shining minerals are more glamorous when spotted by a flashlight. It takes a hundreds or thousand of years before stalactites and stalagmites to grow such stunning rock formations.

We were also asked to refrain ourselves from touching any rock formation inside the cave since acid produced by our body may leave damage to their structure. 

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Check out the video below


For a less hassle, I highly recommend Hitch Travel & Tours. They deserved a 5/5 star for our organize trip and for their accommodation and excellent services as well. They offer great travel packages at affordable price. Their customer service is great and very promptly.

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Calinawan Cave is very accessible via public or private transportation. But If you want a hassle-free trip, you can book a reservation via Hitch Travel and Tours.

Traveling via commute:

  • You can ride a van that bound to Tanay from Starmall, EDSA.
  • They will drop you off at Tanay Market
  • From Tanay Market, you can ride a tricycle going to Calinawan Cave.


  • Bring flashlight
  • Bring extra clothes
  • Follow the rules and policy inside the cave
  • Don’t attempt to touch mineral and crystals
  • Pay attention to the sharp stone edges to avoid an unexpected accident.
  • Wear your helmet always
  • Ideal to wear rubber shoes or trekking shoes since the cave is muddy
  • The Calinawan Cave can be accessed through Daranak Fall.
  • Better to bring a tripod so can capture a photo of the cave clearly.
  • Be a responsible traveler, do not litter around.
  • Respect the nature.

Happy Wandering!

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