Camp Avenue, La Union: A Haven for Campers, Beach Lovers and Partygoers

Camp Avenue, La Union – Did you know that surfing is not the only reason why people keep visiting La Union beach? What if I tell you that it has a beach camping site perfect for those people who want to soak in relaxation, join the beach party and experience La Union nightlife.

Camp Avenue is a Bali-inspired bohemian-themed beach and camping site situated in the northern part of Urbinztondo beach in San Juan, La Union that offer another kind of experience to beachgoers.


I think Camp Avenue is the only place in La Union that offer camping. Before heading to Camp Avenue, we’ve visited Urbiztondo beach first as the tricycle driver suggested to us. He said that it’s better if we could get accommodation near Urbiztondo beach since it is the surfing capital in Elyu. Unfortunately, most of the accommodation we’ve asked were already full.

Camp Avenu Travel Guide


A peaceful ambiance welcomed us upon arriving at Camp Avenue – it was already 8 AM by that time. There are unoccupied tents around the area already. if you don’t have a tent, you can rent for PHP 750 per pax. If you have a tent, you just need to pay for the entrance fee, PHP 500 each. They also provide pillow rental which cost PHP 50. If you’re not used to camping, they also have Bali Hut that cost PHP 1200 which includes electric fan, soap, pillow, and mattress.

Camp Avenue Travel Guide

Camp Avenue is separated from the main beach where most tourist visited. No surfers on the beach. We haven’t seen any activities aside from people who keep taking photographs. Camp Avenue is not as crowded as we expected. There were only a few people swimming on the beach but most of them were also doing photo shoots. We all know that La Union beach is very popular and a hotspot for surfers but surfing isn’t the main reason why visitors keep coming to Camp Avenue.

Camp avenue Travel Guide


When the dark seized the light, Camp Avenue will transform into a bustling one-stop place for party goers. If you want to experience another kind of relaxation, camping and partying on the beach, Camp Avenue is perfect for you but if what you really planned was to surf, I suggest to go to the center of Urbiztondo beach since Camp Avenue is far from the surfing area.

La Union Travel Guide

Food is a bit expensive in Camp Avenue. So if you want to lessen your expenses, I highly to bring your own food like canned goods then just buy rice from them. They have a cafeteria and a minibar inside. Their comfort room and shower room is quite good, clean and well-maintained.


  • From Cubao, ride a Partas/Viron/Dominion bus going to San Fernando, La Union. The fare is around PHP 450 to PHP 500 depending on the type of bus. Travel time is roughly 5-6 hours.
  • From San Fernando, ride a jeep bound to Camp Avenue or San Juan. Jeepney fare is PHP 11. Travel time is approximately 25-30 minutes.


There are many places to visit in La Union but we haven’t got enough time to visit all of those destinations. However, here’s the list of destinations in La Union you might want to visit.

  • Bahay na bato
  • Baluarte Watch Tower
  • Pindangan Ruins
  • Poro Point Lighthouse
  • Pebble Beach


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If you have questions or you spot something that needs to update, let us know in the comments section below.

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