Canyon Cove Resort: A Paradise Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas

Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa – Summer has just started and most of us instantly yearning for the beach where we could finally enjoy and relax away from the boring things we were doing every day. Yes, I mean office work! hahaha. You can definitely enjoy your family outing, team building or maybe your friends yearly bonding in this resort. This is another paradise beach located near Metro Manila.

Canyon Cove Resort

We were searching for a resort that can accommodate a large group and we can comfortably sleep as there are infants and babies with us. The first choice was the Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort but unfortunately, it’s already fully booked. So we ended up to Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa, and it didn’t disappoint us. This beautiful beach resort is located in Nasugbu, Batangas. Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa has a lot to offer aside from its white-sand shore and the clear water that surround the cove. It offers a lot of fun activities and high-end facilities that make it to the top choice of the best resort where you can spend your ultimate summer vacation.

Canyon Cove Resort
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Canyon Cove Hotel


Looking for a beach and a pool in one place? I think Canyon Cove Beach Resort is what you’re looking for! The beach was really nice. Actually, the water is clean and clear and the temperature was perfect. There was a floating water park but it was expensive. The sand is very comfortable to walk on but it can be very hot in the afternoon.

Canyon Cove Hotel & Resort

The next day, the beach was covered with tons of seaweeds due to the southwest monsoon that makes us feel uncomfortable to swim. The clear waters turned into a green like a garden of seagrass. Luckily, there’s a lot of resort staff that clean the beach area. It is very well-maintained.

Canyon Cove Resort

Canyon Cove Resort

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If you don’t want to swim in the beach, you have another option. Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa has two swimming pool.  The pool area is big and it has a lot of cottages and it was surrounded by hotels and apartments from the aerial view. The water in the pool is also clean despite being crowded. The view of the beach from the pool area was really Instagrammable and picturesque. There is also a small playground near the swimming pool area for the kids.

Canyon Cove Resort

Canyon Cove Resort


All rooms at our beach resort in Nasugbu come with a balcony overlooking the South China Sea. They are also furnished with a mini refreshment bar, flat screen cable TV, and well-appointed bathroom.

  • Superior Unit = PHP 5,800.00 or $ 110.26
    • Mini Bar
    • Room safe
    • Coffee/ tea maker
    • Cable television
    • King or Twin beds
    • Private balcony with ocean pool or garden views

Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa Room
(c) Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa

  • Deluxe Unit = PHP 7,800.00 or $ 148.28
    •  Mini-bar
    • Coffee/ tea maker
    • Cable television
    • 2 Private balconies with ocean pool or garden views
    • Family room and kitchenette with refrigerator
    • Powder room
    • Bathrobes and slippers

(c) Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa

  • Suites = PHP 9,500.00 or $ 180.60
    • Cable television
    • Coffee/ tea maker
    • Mini-bar
    • Room safe
    • 2 Private balconies with ocean pool or garden views
    • Bathrobes and slippers
    • Bay window bed in the family room and bedroom
    • Powder room

Canyon Cove Resort

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The room rates indicated above are based on their website:

You can also check other rooms at Canyon Cove Beach Resort latest website:


We availed the unit from the old apartment type building located near the entrance. I think this is not being commercialized since I cannot find it anywhere on the internet. We got the unit from my brother’s friend so we got a discount from 15 thousand pesos 12 thousand pesos.

Watch the video below to see our room.

The upper part of the resort is where our room was located. Some of the buildings are not yet finished and looks like the developer doesn’t want to finish it anymore while some of them seemed like already abandoned. The room from this old apartment is much bigger and cozy than the rooms at the new hotel near the beach front.

The unit is fully air-conditioned from the bedroom up to the living room. It has two bedroom where each of them has its own bathroom. The bathroom is clean, well-maintained and it also has a bathtub. The only problem is the toilet bowl is clogged. Refrigerator, cable TV, and other necessary appliances are all free of use. The view of the beach can be seen from our unit’s balcony which is a perfect place for relaxation.

Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa


  • Best for a big family
  • Can accommodate 12-15 persons
  • Much bigger
  • Located in the upper part of the resort so it will give a better view of the resort.


  • Far from the beach and swimming pool
  • The apartment looks too old and creepy
  • Too dark outside at night since there’s no lamppost
  • Very uncomfortable to go to the beach alone at night since you have to walk for 5-10 mins.


There are a lot of apps and websites that you can find on the internet if you don’t have a contact inside.
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If you can’t find available rooms, you can still enter the resort by availing their day tour package.


Canyon Cove Beach Resort wouldn’t be complete if you don’t experience their water activities. They offer a different kind of water activities such as flyboard, jetrovator, snorkeling, and banana boat ride to name a few. This resort is absolutely jam-packed with all the things that you might be looking for in your fabulous summer vacation. From the amenities to the activities they’re offering, it’s totally worth it.  However, one thing I noticed at Canyon Cove Beach Resort is their activities rate are more pricey compared to other resort that we’ve been to. For example, their Island hopping will cost you PHP 2,100 per person while in other resort it will only range around PHP 500-800 per person. So I wondered why it cost too much? What type of Island do we visit? Do they have extra activities during Island hopping? Or it includes lunch/dinner?

Canyon Cove Resort

Anyway, it’s up to you if you want to try one their activities. I think all the activities are all worth a try even though it’s pricey. By the way, one of the newest attraction in Canyon Cove Beach Resort is the floating playground composed of huge inflatable slides, trampoline and etc. You can see the rates per activity below.

  • Waterpark Adventure Philippines
  • Flyboard – PHP 5,500 or $ 104.35 per 20 mins
  • Kayak – PHP 250 or $ 4.74 per 30 mins and PHP 450/$8.54 per 1 hour for 2 persons.
  • Jetski 
    • PHP 2,400 / $ 45.54 =  20 mins.
    • PHP 3,300 / $62.61 = 30 mins.
    • PHP 4,200 / $ 79.69 = 40 mins.
    • PHP 6,000 / 113.84 = 1 hour
    • Good for 2 adults with lifeguard
  • Jetovator
  • Free dive
  • Cliff jumping
  • Speedboat
  • Skimboat
  • Paddle boat – PHP 300 / $5.69 for 30 mins and PHP 600 / $ 11.38 for 1 hour. Good for 2 adults or 2 kids
  • Bandwagon ride 
    • PHP 2,200 /  $ 41.74 = 15 mins
    • PHP 4,000 /  $ 75.89 = 30 mins
    • PHP 5,200 / $ 98.66 = 40 mins
    • PHP 6,600 / $ 125.23 = 1 hour maximum of per persons.
  • Snorkeling
    • PHP 150 / $ 2.85 = 1 hour
    • PHP 450 / $ 8.54 per day with a life vest
    • Maximum of 8 persons
  • Banana boat ride
    • PHP 2,200 / $ 41.74 = 15 mins
    • PHP 4,00 / 75.89 = 30 mins
    • PHP 5,200 / $ 98.66 = 40 mins
    • PHP 6,600 / $ 125.23
    • Maximum of 8 persons
  • Island Hopping
    • PHP 2,100 / $ 39.84 per persons(2 hours boat ride)
    • PHP 4,000 / $ 75.89 =  30 mins
    • Minimum of 3 pax and Maximum of 10 pax

Canyon Cove Hotel


  1. Adult Swimming Pool with adjoining kiddie pool
  2. Coffee Shop and Restaurant ( Island Cafe )
  3. Lobby Bar (BLU BAR)
  4. Food grilled with Al Fresco dining
  5. Pool Refreshment Bar
  6. Children’s Playground
  7. Beach Volley Court
  8. 2-Tier Beach area
  9. Game room with billiard tables, air hockey and karaoke set up
  10. Business Center
  11. Boutique and Gift Shop
  12. Water Sports Activities like the mentioned above.

Canyon Cove Hotel


It’s easy to get to Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa and it is just 3 hours away from Manila. Just follow the direction below.

Via Public Transportation

  • There’s a bus terminal bounds to Batangas at the back of Mcdonald’s near MRT Taft Station.
  • Ride a bus heading to Nasugbu, Batangas. The fare is around PHP 160, and the travel time is approximately 3 hours.
  • Landmark is the town plaza and the church.
  • From the town proper, you can hire a tricycle there and tell the driver to take you to Canyon Cove Beach Resort. They will drop you off at the entrance gate of Canyon Cove Beach Resort.
  • From there, you have to walk towards the main lobby of the resort for about 10-15 mins.

Aside from bus terminal near MRT Taft Station. There is also bus terminal at Parañaque-Coastal Mall and in Cubao.

Nasugbu Batangas

Via Private Vehicles

  • From SLEX please exit to ETON CITY EXIT (right after Sta. Rosa exit) then go straight ahead going to PASEO MALL (about 5km ride) then turn left going to Tagaytay Road (main road)
  • Go straight ahead until you reach an intersection (about 20-25km ride) then turn right (you will pass by Tagaytay Market) until you reach a Rotonda.
  • Then straight ahead and you will pass by Casino Filipino and Robinson’s Supermarket until you reach Nasugbu boundary.
  • Turn right at Petron Gas Station. Go straight until you reach another intersection then turn right at Shell Gas Station. You will pass by the Nasugbu town proper.
  • From there, go straight until you reach Canyon Cove to your left.

This guide is based on their directional map:


  • Expect the food and drinks price here is on above average.
  • The resort is popular for a company outing, so expect a huge crowd if you happen to go there especially during peak season.
  • There’s a lot of picturesque spot at this resort so do not forget to bring your camera.
  • Since it’s a cove, there’s no wave. They have also constructed a breakwater at the middle of the sea to reduce the intensity of wave action in the shore.
  • There’s only one restaurant in Canyon Cove Beach Resort, so expect a slow service as it gets crowded anytime.
  • Dresses, swimwear, slippers, goggles, is also available for a higher price. There is a store in the lobby area for essentials and snacks.
  • 10 mins away from Canyon Cove, there is a convenience store. (AlfaMart)
  • There are several water activities that you could choose from.
  • Water activities are somewhat expensive compared to other resorts.
  • You can bring your own foods without a corkage fee.


  • Bring a water
  • Aqua shoes
  • Sunblock lotion
  • Camera
  • Shades/Sunglass
  • Extra money


For booking and inquiries, you may contact them at these number below.

Telephone No.: +632 687 – 6139 up to 40

Globe No. : +63 916-552-4758

You can also email them at

Email: [email protected]

They can also accommodate team building, wedding, and events.


My final verdict, it was fun and we had a great and memorable experience at Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa. No matter what the season, beachgoers can relax on the sunny, peaceful shores of Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa. The only thing that disappointed me was their water activities seemed like overpriced. Nevertheless, it is a good place to consider if you’re looking for a beach and a pool where you can also stay overnight. The best for families with kids. However, As I read the other reviews, the customer service needs to improve in this resort. Overall it was good and worth a visit.


Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa

Canyon Cove Resort

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Canyon Cove Sunset
Canyon Cove Sunset

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Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa

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