Coron Palawan Travel Guide: A PHP 5,500 Budget + Itinerary

Coron, Palawan – Upon writing this blog, I still can’t get over how beautiful Palawan is. It’s still fresh on my mind every destination we’ve visited throughout our journey in Coron, Palawan.

Coron Travel Guide
View of Coron Island from Mt. Tapyas

Coron Island is one of the most visited destinations in the Philippines because of its panoramic vista, powdery white beaches, brilliant blue and emerald-colored lakes hiding behind the towering karst limestones. Coron island is really a God’s gift to humanity as it offers a paradise-like experience to all of its visitors. I promise to my self that I will surely explore other parts of Palawan in upcoming years.

I hope this simple Coron travel guide blog will help you plan your trip in Coron Island, Palawan.



We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Coron, Palawan and it’s absolutely worth it. Here the details of our itinerary.

Day 1 – The City Tour and Maquinit hotspring

We landed at Francisco B. Reyes Airport or formerly Busuanga Airport around 3:00 PM. Since we’ve booked a tour package, the van that will carry us was already there. We headed straight to our accommodation to check in. It took almost 30 mins from the airport before we have finally arrived at our destination.

Palawan from the top

Our guide was very entertaining as he introduces the Coron Island while we heading to our accommodation. After we checked in, our Coron adventure immediately starts as we headed to the Lualhati Park, that was the first destination we have visited. It’s basically a reclamation area where you can see the view of Coron Island. After a few minutes, we went to the San Agustin church.

Coron Travel Guide -  San Agustin Church
Inside San Agustin Church

As the dark seizing the light, we immediately headed to Mt. Tapyas to witness the sunset. Mt. Tapyas is a hill that overlooks Coron town and harbor. You have to take 724 steps to reach the summit. From the summit, you can see a huge cross and a sign of Coron. A lot of people are there waiting for the sun to set.

Coron Travel Guide
At the summit of Mt. Tapyas
Coron Travel Guide

It’s already 5:45 PM and the darkness is conquering the surrounding. Our last destination for the day is the Maquinit Hotspring located at Sitio Maquinit, Coron.

Maquinit Hotspring is a 30 minutes tricycle ride away from the town proper of Coron, it’s really relaxing after the arduous trek to the summit of Mt. Tapyas. All of the pain we have gained from walking up and down the mountain were all washed away by its therapeutic water coming from a natural pool of Maquinit hotspring.

Day 2 – Kayangan Lakes and Island Hopping

Kayangan Lake, Sunset beach, Green Lagoon, Quin Reef, Las Islas de coral, CYC beach.

We started the day full of joy and excitement as we were starting our journey throughout Coron Island. The group of hills and limestone karst rising steeply greeted us while we approaching the island. I couldn’t help myself to captivate by its beauty.

Coron Travel Guide
Heading to Coron Island

The Coron Island actually looks like a sleeping giant who is believed to be the guardian of Coron. We arrived at our destination 30 minutes after we left the port. Our first stop is the most famous spot in Coron, the Kayangan Lake.


You have to take the 367 steps up and down the mountain before reaching Kayangan lake. The middle part of the mountain is where the Kayangan view deck is located. There is a queue there for the photo ops.  

It’s totally a jaw-dropping experience when you have finally seen the place where you can only see on the internet before. It’s absolutely stunning and who would have thought that there is a beautiful place hiding behind those limestone karst formations and that was the Kayangan Lake.

Coron Travel Guide -  Kayangan Lake
Kayangan Lake

The clear crystal green water of Kayangan Lake made us feel excited to swim while some of my colleagues took the opportunity for some photo ops despite being crowded. It was all marvelous.

Coron Travel Guide
Kayangan Lake Waters

Kayangan lake is also listed as the cleanest lake in the country. If only we can stay longer, I think we will spend half of the day at Kayangan Lake, but we still have to leave and proceed to our next destination.

Coron Travel Guide
The famous pictureque spot in Coron Island

After spending 30 minutes at Kayangan Lake, we immediately headed to the view deck to see the famous picturesque spot in Coron. It was just really amazing to see a  paradise-like place that you wouldn’t think it was located in the Philippines.


You shouldn’t miss green lagoon when you visit Coron, not only for its fascinating emerald green water but it also offers a great escape for relaxation as well as the view around karst limestones is undeniably amazing.

Coron Travel Guide
Coron Travel Guide -  Green lagoon

It just actually difficult to float as the lagoon waters were composed of 60% freshwater and 40% salt water. So for those who are not used to swim, please always wear your life vest as the lagoon is very deep. After spending 30 minutes at the Green Lagoon, we transferred to sunset beach where our foods are waiting for us.


Coron Travel Guide -  Sunset beach
Coron Travel Guide -  Sunset beach
Coron Travel Guide
Summer vibes


We were welcomed by different kinds of reefs and fishes, but I noticed that there are few corals in this area but I assure you that you will still enjoy the view underwater. 


CYC beach is a white sand beach and island separated from Coron Island. It is also a public beach so there’s no entrance fee. CYC beach is located near Las Islas De Coral, so if you happen to visit Las Islas De Coral, you might visit two destinations in one. It’s really good for those who want to tranquil and experience the island life.


Las Islas De Coral is located near CYC beach, just a little swim and you will reach Las Islas De Coral. You have to be very cautious as there were plenty sea urchins scattered on the sea floor but after passing those grisly black haired sea urchins is an undeniable beauty of the underwater world seeing the colorful huge corals in different forms and diversity of fishes swimming around the area.

Day 3: Twin Laggon – Barracuda Lake – Reef Garden

So this is the last day of our adventure throughout Coron Island and we will be exploring other parts of Coron. The day 2 was filled with so much fun and adventure as we do Island hopping and snorkeling. But that will not prevent us to explore more areas of Coron Island. In day 3, we’ve visited the marvelous Twin lagoon, the surprising skeleton shipwreck, stunning smith beach, incredible reef garden, and the wonderful Barracuda lake. 


We connect each other while we float then we’ve entered into the small tunnel to move into another side of the lagoon, tourists need to be very careful as the distance between your face and the ceiling of the tunnel is just a few inches away especially when it’s already high tide. Upon entering the twin lagoon, I was captivated by its exquisite beauty. The breathtaking view of the lagoon left me speechless. Amidst the intense heat from the afternoon is a relaxing cool lagoon due to the towering karst limestones that cover the whole area.

Coron Travel Guide -  Twin Lagoon

The water was separated into emerald green, turquoise, and blue. Despite having many people swimming around the lake, the view is still alluring driving us to go farther.

We parked our Kayak into the super clear water area and we took the opportunity to do photo ops. Due to the super clear water, the kayak boat looks like levitating above water and it’s absolutely amazing to see.

Honestly, 1-hour stay is not enough for us since we still enjoying the clear water of Twin Lagoon that time but we have to proceed to our next destination. Twin lagoon is enough for us, what else could we ask for?


If you are a diving enthusiast, I’m sure you gonna love this spot in Coron. Actually, there are a lot of sunken warships across Palawan, mostly from the Imperial Japanese Navy. The majority of vessels were sunk by an air strike, bombing and torpedo attacks during the second world war.

This Chinese Skeleton shipwreck has a different story to tell. The crew and staffs abandoned the ship since it was burned in the early 90s. Since then, it became one of the tourist destinations in Palawan. You can check the video I’ve posted on my Facebook below:

The Skeleton Shipwreck 📍Coron, Palawan #freedive

Posted by Benjoe Rivera Vidal on Sunday, November 25, 2018

As you can see on the video, the ship bow and braces were still intact. Although it was surrounded by corals, the figure of the ship was still there. Another thing is, it became a new home for some underwater species. It’s definitely worth a dive. 



We had another extraordinary snorkeling experience at the reef garden located somewhere in the middle of the sea is the abundant coral reefs. Due to the strong wind and waves, we have to connect with each other by holding the legs of each of us while we are being pulled by our tour guide into the snorkeling site.  It’s no wonder why it is called reef garden due to its attention-grabbing corals and reefs you can see lying beneath the surface of the water.

Coron Travel Guide -  Twin Lagoon


Last but not least. My most awaited destination in Coron is the Barracuda Lake.  As per our tour guide, the lake was originally named as Luluyuan Lake then later on the lake was renamed into Barracuda lake after the discovery of a large barracuda fish skeleton in the depths of its waters. The sharp limestone wall structures under barracuda lake are definitely astonishing and incredible making it look like a cathedral. 

 The water temperature in the barracuda lake dramatically changes over time that would rise up to 38 °C (That’s hot!) due to the combination of salt and fresh water or what they called thermoclines. It is also one of the famous diving sites not only in Coron but also in the entire country. That is also one of the reasons why many diving enthusiasts visit Coron Island.


The Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan, Philippines.


The time indicated on this itinerary is based on the timestamp of the cameras used in our Coron trip. Estimated budget is subject to change.

DAY 1: 2:30 PMArrival at Busuanga AirportPHP 4750 – Tour fee
3:15 PMArrival at Coron Town by van
3:30 PM Check in at Hotel
4:00 PMLualhati park
4:30 PMSan Agustin Church
4:45 PMMt. Tapyas
6:15 PMMaquinit hot spring
8:00 PMDinnerPHP 200
9:00 PM onwardsFree time
Day 2: 7:00 AMWake up call and breakfast
8:00 AMPreparation
10:30 AMArrival at Kayangan Lake
12:15 AMGreen lagoon
1:00 PMSunset beach
2:00 PMQuin reef
3:00 PMLas Islas de coral
CYC Beach
8:00 PMDinner PHP 200
Day 3:7:00 AMWake up Call and Breakfast
10:00 AMTwin Lagoon
12:15 PMSkeleton Shipwreck
1:15 PMSmith beach – lunch
2:30 PMReef garden
3:00 PMBarracuda Lake
5:00 PMReturn to hotel
8:00 PMDinnerPHP 200
Day 4: 7:00 AMWakeup call – Breakfast
9:00 AMSouvenir shops
11:15 PM Head to Busuanga Airport
12:30 PMLunchPHP 100
2:30 PMBack to Manila

Save the PDF version of itinerary on your phone or desktop.


Coron Travel Guide


Actually, you can find many tour agency on Facebook but if you want a legit way for you to enjoy a hassle-free getaway to the island, I recommend you to book a discounted tour from Klook. They offer several tours at a very reasonable price.  You can check the banner below


  • Visit the most gorgeous beaches and lagoons of Coron all in one day
  • Explore hidden lagoons and crystal waters
  • Visit Siete Pecados Marine Park and snorkel among the huge varieties of local marine life
  • Swim and snorkel around the reefs and discover how vital they are to the local marine life
  • Marvel at the unearthly beauty of Kayangan Lake and its unbelievably clear blue waters

Coron Ultimate Tour: Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Siete Pescados, Marine Park/Skeleton Wreck, Coral Garden, CYC Beach, Smith Beach –  PHP 1,600

Tour A: CYC beach, Coral Garden, Hidden Lagoon, Quin Reef, Kayangan Lake –  PHP 1,110

Tour B: Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoon, Reef Garden – PHP 1.300

Tour C: Bulog Dos Island, Banana Island, Pass Island, Lusong Coral Garden, Lusong Gun Boat Shipwreck – PHP 1,700

JY Travel and Tours

We avail the tour package from JY Travel and tours. They are very accommodating and they assure that guests will satisfy with the services they offer. You can check the inclusion below.

Package inclusions: 

  • 2 nights hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Town tour + hot spring
  • Coron Island tour A & B
  • Roundtrip airport transfer

Tour inclusions:

  • Transport service from hotel – wharf vice versa
  • Mini buffet lunch
  • Purified drinking water
  • Entrance fee and government taxes
  • Cottage rental
  • Life vest
  • Licensed tour guides
  • License motorized boats

JY Travel and tours contact: 09205532361


There are a lot of accommodations available in Coron where you can really be satisfied with its rates and location. I suggest booking a room online prior to the date of your trip as it could be easily accommodated since Coron is one of the most visited islands in the Philippines, especially during the summer season. There are plenty of choices depends on your preference, some hotels have a swimming pool inside while some have a Bar on the rooftop. There are a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops there so no need to worry about the location since you can go there anytime by walking, renting a motorcycle or riding a tricycle. By the way, our hotel is included in our tour package, we stayed 4 Days and 3 nights at the King Michael Hotel.

Here is the list of hotels you might want to check.


Casa Montemar Express –  Check room rates here

Nanay Vacation Home – Check room rates here

Ricardo Valley Inn – Check room rates here


The Ridge CoronCheck room rates here

Acacia Garden Inn –  Check room rates here

Vela Terraces HotelCheck room rates


Bluewave HotelCheck room rates

Bacau Bay Resort Coron –  Check room rates

DIY Tour

If you want to do a DIY tour, a lot of tour agency will offer you a tour package upon your arrival at Busuanga airport.  The rates will depend on how many persons in a group as same as on other tour agency. 


Transportation is not a problem in Coron. Actually, you can either just walk or ride a tricycle as it’s one of the easiest way to explore the town proper of Coron. It will cost you around PHP 15-20 if you are going to the port. There is also a motorcycle rental available if you want to tour on your own.


  • If you are a budget traveler, you can still enjoy island delicacies as there are a lot of restaurants at the affordable price.
  • Snorkeling gear is not included in the tour package. Better to bring your own if you have so you don’t need to rent. Snorkeling gear is PHP 150 per day.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen as I noticed that Coron activities are more on Island hopping transitioning from one island to another by a boat while enduring the scorching heat in the middle of the sea.
  • There are 4 ATMs machine in Coron, but the most accessible is the BPI near San Agustin Church.
  • Almost everything is cash basis but some resorts and establishments still accept major credit cards.
  • You can either walk or ride a tricycle if you want to go to the town proper where you can choose from a variety of restaurants and souvenir shops.
  • Some areas in Coron Island is sacred and protected by an indigenous tribe of Tagbanua. So it’s off limit.
  • There are also available tour agency at the public market if you go DIY.
  • Giving a tip is optional, but I’m definitely sure that your guide will really appreciate that simple gesture, especially if your guide is very hands-on, doing some epic shots and willing to take every Instagrammable photos you want.


  • Sunblock
  • Sunglass
  • Snorkeling gears and fins
  • Hat
  • Cameras
  • Chargers and battery


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