Five Ways to Save Money for Your Next Couple’s Vacation

One of the most common excuses couples give for not traveling as much as they want is lack of money. Money influences most of our choices and everyone can relate to not having enough money to do everything they want.

It is easy to use as an excuse because everyone will relate to your situation in one way or another.Nonetheless, not having enough money is not an excuse for not making plans to travel in the future.

If you really want to travel, you can find the money to do so in a surprisingly short period of time.A vacation with your partner is such an awesome experience that you should actively save for.

Experiences give us greater joy than physical products, this is why you should spend your money on traveling if it’s something that makes you happy. Spending money on something like a vacation will yield greater happiness for you than buying a bigger TV than the one you currently have.

If you are serious about going on a vacation with your partner, these are five suggestions on how to successfully save for a vacation:


Set a Definite Amount of Money to Save

Without a clear goal on the specific amount of money you want to save, your savings will be inconsistent and you won’t know when you can reach the goal. To set a rough estimate for how much your next vacation will cost, sit down with your partner and determine what you want out of your ideal vacation.

When you have the details sorted out, begin looking for a destination and factor in costs such as flight, accommodation, food, entry fees, and shopping expenses.

Couple travel

You can book a packaged vacation that has everything included so you don’t have to worry about estimates. As a couple, you can go to an all-inclusive couples resort, be sure not to confuse one with a family all-inclusive resorts, since it is not an adults-only resort.

With a resort handling your vacation, you will know exactly how much your trip will cost way ahead of time. When you have an estimate of how much your next vacation can cost, you can then determine how much you’ll have to save every month to reach the goal by a given date.

Open a Separate Vacation Savings Account

Opening a separate vacation savings account shows that you are committed to the process of saving for your next vacation, there are many available, and some are better than others. This can ensure that you won’t risk using your vacation savings when something unexpected happens.

You don’t want to use your vacation savings for anything other than going on a vacation. It is important that you set a clear boundary between your other savings from vacation savings.

Systematize the Savings

Now that you have a separate vacation savings account in place and you know how much you need to save each month to reach your goal, organize with your bank to deduct the amount from your regular account automatically every month and direct it to your savings account.

Automating the process will make you not have to worry about transferring the money each month–you will become so used to it that you won’t realize it’s happening.

If you don’t trust yourself to follow through every month–this is a good option for you. We are all susceptible to instant gratification. If you are expecting that you won’t make a conscious decision to transfer the money every month to the vacation savings account, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Sacrifice One Expensive Habit

You might start worrying how you will survive now that you are saving more money than before.

This is an easy problem to solve. While you might not believe it, you have at least one unnecessary expensive habit. You can eliminate this habit to recover the money set aside for your next vacation.

save money travel

The habit could be cutting back on buying expensive designer clothes or easily cancel a subscription to a service you only use a few times a month. Whatever the habit is, you can stop doing it and put the money toward vacation.

This may seem impossible, but it will be worth it once you are on your next trip. When you get home, you may even be done with the previous habit altogether, saving you even more money.

Start a Side Job

Besides developing the habit of saving, you can also build yourself a second income stream using the skills you already have. With a vacation on the horizon, you will have a very compelling reason to set up a second income stream.

This is not as easy as it seems. You can successfully earn money from a side job without compromising the number of hours you put in your main job. There are lots of people who earn money on the side and they do it from the comfort of their own homes.

Freelancing sites allow you to execute simple projects using your current skills for clients from all over the world. There is a steady stream of amazing projects and all you have to do to get one is make a bid and prove to the prospective client that you can get the project done.

Don’t Worry About the Money too Much

Overall, when traveling with your partner, the main goal is to unwind and forget about responsibilities for a few days. By sticking to these steps, you will have a significant amount of money to spend on your trip.

Although it is hard to get into the habit of saving more money, it can be done. You will feel more relaxed than ever knowing that you’re not blowing all of your money on a vacation that you couldn’t afford.

Vacationing is meant to be a time where you can have fun with your partner, don’t let money get in the way of your good time.


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