14 Satisfying food stall inside 150 Maginhawa Food Park

Food park is one of the most rapidly growing business nowadays in Metro Manila. Different gimmick and a variety of food stall are one of the reasons why it became popular to the people especially to the millennials and one of those food parks that we recently visited is 150 Maginhawa Food Park.

150 Maginhawa Food park

150 Maginhawa food park, a newly opened food park along Maginhawa street in Quezon City.

Let us see the list of food stall inside this food park.


From the name itself. Xurreria serves different types of churros ranging from₱ 55.00 to ₱ 175.00, and aside from churros they also have coffee and frappe and it only cost ₱ 70.00 to₱ 150.00.

Xurreria at 150 Maginhawa Foodpark

A cute doodle painted on the wall make their store design artistic.

Xurreria at 150 Maginhawa Foodpark


Xurreria at 150 Maginhawa Foodpark

They have Classic churros, Sticky churros, filled with hazelnut and cream cheese churros and a chocolate coated churros.


Budget for two:  ₱ 400.00 Approximately

Visit the facebook page of Xurreria for more info https://www.facebook.com/xurreriaph/

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2. Cellar150

Wine plus brick oven pizza? Such wow

This store offers high-end classes of Wine and beer. Their Local beer cost ₱60.00 per bottle and their imported beer cost ₱ 150.00 per bottle. Their wine falls into four categories: Sparkling wine, Desserts wine, White wines and Red wines. These wines are not too expensive as you expected. The prices are ranging from ₱ 290.00 to ₱ 490.00 per bottle. Their brick oven pizza only cost ₱ 295.00.

Cellar 150 Maginhawa

Budget for two:  ₱ 600.00 Approximately

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3. Ahlee’s Grill

Ahlee’s Grill serves the best steak ever. Their steak ranges only from ₱ 200.00 to ₱ 600.00. I really love steak, I promised myself that I’ll go back to this place to try other dishes. You should try Steak Doneness, it’s one of the best sellers in their menu.

Ahlee's Grill Maginhawa

Ahlee's Grill Maginhawa Ahlee's Grill Menu

Budget for two:  ₱ 350.00 Approximately
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4.The piggery

So are you looking for some all-porky dishes? I think The Piggery is the answer and will surely satisfy your craving.

The Piggery

The Piggery is one of the eye-catching stalls inside 150 food park. They served the various style of cooking pork which is very unique, mouth-watering and interesting. They have a menu for sharing and it’s the great if you’re in a group. The Three Little Pigs cost ₱ 350.00 and their own version of Sizzling sisig cost only for ₱ 220.00. They also served pasta and of course, it also comes with a pork. Aside from the mentioned menu above, their sweet and delicious drinks were also one of the reasons why Piggery is really worth a penny and a must-try food stall inside 150 Maginhawa food park.

The piggery at Maginhawa Foodpark

The Piggery Menu

Budget for two:  ₱ 500.00 Approximately

You can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thepiggeryph/ for more info.

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5.DZ Diner

DZ Diner serves American Cuisines. Cornbeef cheesy hash, Bacon cheese, Cheesy Pesto and Bacon and cheese. They also serve Pasta with Garlic bread such as Spaghetti meatballs, Cheesy Carbonara, Shrimp Pesto and Chicken Scaloppine. Aside from pasta they also have a different menu in their main dish and it already comes with a rice. Tenderloin Steak, Bacon wrapped Salisbury, Seafood pesto and Cajun battered seafood is also available on the list.

We went here last February 14(Valentines Day) and we saw that they also serves cakes, I don’t think if they also serve it in regular days or just occasionally.

DZ Diner at 150 Maginhawa Foodpark

Budget for two:  ₱ 450.00 Approximately

You can visit their Facebook page for more info at https://www.facebook.com/DZ-Diner-1715235802088249/

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6.Streets of Saigon

Have you been in Vietnam before? Have you tried their native delicacies and cuisines? If yes, you can experience and taste it again without traveling out of the country.

The Streets of Saigon: A taste of Vietnam simply serve Vietnamese cuisines. The food was good for its price and I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy it.


The price is ranging from ₱ 130.00 to 230.00. So, if you wanna try some authentic Vietnamese cuisines, Street of Saigon would be the right choice.

Streets of Saigon

Their best seller is Fresh Spring Rolls and the Pho(Vietnamese Noodle Soup). So at least you know what to try in case you passes by here in 150 Maginhawa food park.

Budget two:  ₱ 450.00 Approximately

7. Canadian Snack Shack

Experience the Canadian overloaded pizza along Maginhawa street through 150 Maginahawa food park.

This Canadian Snack Shack is the best for pizza lovers. They four different types of pizza. The Donair Pizza, Canadian Bacon Pizza, Meats-A-Pizza, Garlic Pizza with a real mozzarella. These pizzas deserved an A+. Aside from meaty pizza with sticky mozzarella. They also offer some sweets such as Nanaimo bars which cost ₱ 570.00, Butter tarts, Date squares and date squares ala mode. You must also try their iced tea, it is freshly brewed with earl gray tea and all natural ingredients which cost  ₱ 70.00.

Canadian Snack Shack

Canadian Snack Shack Canadian Snack Shack menu

Budget for two:  ₱ 500.00 Approximately

(c) abylicious28
[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BPR-yM5AyWH/ hidecaption=false]

8. Balay Bagnet

The Balay Bagnet offer a wide variety of Nilasing na Bagnet with different sauces or dips from solo meals up to Barkada meals which only cost ₱ 180.00 to ₱ 500.00. The Barkada meals consist of two dishes. The Barkada pulutan slab and the Barkada Rice meal.

Bagnet is a deep fried crispy pork belly dish that is similar to lechon kawali.

The Barkada Pulutan Slab comes with 1 Bagnet slab, 3 homemade sauces, and 4 Jello shots while the Barkada rice meals have the same dishes with pulutan slab but with additional 4 rice.

Balay Bagnet 150 Maginhawa foodpark

One of the best Bagnet I’ve ever tried is the Bagnet in Ilocos and for those who didn’t know, Bagnet originated from Ilocos and it is considered as one of the top favorite native delicacies among Filipinos. Balay Bagnet has an indomitable spirit and I’m sure that every dishes that they made were treated as a masterpiece. The Balay Bagnet is truly a mouth-watering, delicious yet affordable food stall in 150 Maginhawa Food park.


Just a reminder, please be careful with eating so much pork. Too much of anything is not too good for anyone. So just take it slowly.

Budget for two:  ₱ 450.00 Approximately

For more info, visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/BalayBagnet/

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9. Sticky Pig

Looking for a grilled baby back ribs? Check out this Sticky Pig in 150 Maginhawa Food park. This newly opened food stall will surely get your attention. Their Eye-caching store, attracting and enticing food in their menu is an advantage, a well-prepared dishes and service is a plus.

Sticky Pig

Aside from a grilled baby back ribs, they also have a seafood plate which is a breaded fish fillet and spicy garlic buttered shrimp. You can also create your own set of meal via Surf ‘N Turf plate. You can choose grilled baby back ribs or grilled chicken BBQ from the meat and a breaded fish fillet or spicy buttered garlic shrimp from the seafood.

Budget for two:  ₱ 650.00 Approximately

Visit their Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/stickypigph/

(c) abylicious28
[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BPR-JweATIQ/ hidecaption=false]

10. Molcajete

If you’re looking for some different cuisine, you can try Molcajete here in 150 Maginhawa food park. They offer Mexican food such as Nachos, Burrito, Quesadilla and Tacos. This Mexican food stall is very affordable and worth a try.


Budget for two:  ₱ 400.00 Approximately

11. Brook’s (burger and comfort food)

Try this Brook’s Burger and comfort food. Just like any other stores in Maginhawa, Brooks is another must-try, especially for burger lovers. The food is instagrammable-post worthy. They have their own unique tasty food that makes it so yummy.


In their menu, they have grilled cheese Sandwich burger, Old-fashioned cheeseburger, and a grilled chicken burger and etc. You can try their best seller Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger and Beef Chimichanga.

Budget for two:  ₱ 500.00 Approximately

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12. Wings Gone Wild

So let’s talk about chicken. Chicken is one of the main dishes that we eat in our everyday lives. From breakfast, lunch up to dinner. Sometimes, we are tired of eating the same dishes every other day. But here in wings gone wild, their chicken is distinct from the others together with their signature dip complementing the level of hotness and spiciness. Their Chicken wings are not super covered in breading. Wings gone wild is so affordable ranging from ₱100.00 to ₱270.00(11-12 pieces) Buffalo wings.

It’s worth the price for such a luscious buffalo wings like this in Wings gone wild.

Actually, their best seller is the Buffalo wings so, I’m sure you will definitely go back in 150 Maginhawa Food park once you tasted their best seller here in Wings Gone Wild.

Budget for two:  ₱ 400.00 Approximately

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13. Sam’s ice cream and shake

Feeling hot? want to try something refreshing? or you’re just craving for a sweet, delicious and smooth ice cream and shakes? 150 Maginhawa food park have their own dessert bar and it’s super enjoyable. Sam’s ice cream and shake is distinctive among the others. Their ice cream and shakes are the best partners for your heavy meal order.

Their cup and cone of ice cream cost ₱110.00 and the bun cost ₱ 130.00. While they also have ice cream combinations such as Black cookie crunch which is a chocolate ice cream, choco-hazelnut, crushed chocolate cookies and chocolate wafer stick; Mulatto, a combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, white milk chocolate, chocolate sprinkles and choco cereals. Their shakes are very affordable too, ranging from ₱ 130.00 to ₱150.00.

Sams Ice Cream

Budget for two:  ₱ 300.00 Approximately

Visit their page at  https://www.facebook.com/samsicecreamandshakes/

(c) bino_chua
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(c) hulyan_pedro
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14. Shou ( hand pulled noodles)

Last but not the least is the Shou. Shou offers a classic hand-pulled noodle made with the Chinese traditional way of making noodles. They have a three set of categories, The Old Beijing, Dry noodles and Rice meal. All food in their menu costs ₱ 145.00 such as Old Beijing braised chicken noodles, Braised beef dry noodles and a braised sliced pork rice.


Budget for two:  ₱ 300.00 Approximately

Facebook page: Shou Hand-pulled noodles.

150 Maginhawa Food Park

So, are you on a tight budget and looking for a comfortable place that you will definitely enjoy the foods?

150 Maginhawa food park is the right place for you. You can experience different cuisines and delicacies for just  ₱ 500.00 and below for two.

You can also check 150 Maginhawa food park in Zomato at  https://goo.gl/1djkiI

Thanks for reading, hope this post will help you 🙂


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