Brewskie: A gourmet pasta with a twist

Have you ever tried a gourmet pasta with a different twist? A combination of Filipino and Italian cuisine?  And an affordable yet delicious pasta that you’ll surely refuse to give. If not, why don’t give a try to the newest pasta hub in the metro; The Brewskie Pasta Hub. Brewskie Pasta Hub is one of the 16 food stalls located in Carnival-Themed Food park along Fernando Gil Avenue in Marikina. It offers a wide variety of unique style pasta ranging from ₱140.00 to ₱188.00.

Their best seller is the Wen Manong, a mixture of Linguine Pasta Ilocos Longganisa and the delectable crispy bagnet plus a pecorino or a parmesan cheese with shattered basils sprinkled over the top and the white sauce that makes it so tasty. I think you will not believe if I say it’s only cost ₱ 188.00,  Then you can experience the native food in Ilocos like longganisa and bagnet without leaving the city. Pasta and Bagnet are truly a match made in heaven.

gourmet pasta


Wen Manong gourmet pasta

Another mouthwatering spaghetti pasta filled with oriental sauce, crispy chicken, peanuts and mushroom also known as “Kung Fu Pasta”(Witty). Kung Fu pasta is spicy and flavorful, a lot of ingredients well worth the expense. Simply scrumptious. You  just have to wait at least 15-20 minutes for your order to be served.

gourmet pasta
Kung Fu Pasta

The best for those who loves spicy flavored pasta. I’m sure you’re craving now.

The serving is so heavy, we haven’t got to finish it because one serving is also good for a two average person.

gourmet pasta

A Filipino native delicacy combined into traditional Italian cuisine which I promise that once you taste it, you will gonna love it.

Aside from pasta, they also have a crispy dory and mushroom poppers with your choice of pesto dip, aioli dip, sriracha dip or honey mustard dip which cost ₱ 128.00,  A crispy shrimp with a salted egg cost ₱ 168.00, and cheesy potatoes topped with sour cream and cheddar.

Overall, it is great and so satisfying. I love the way how do they put all together the different style and techniques when making their pasta.  We’re really looking forward to try their other dishes sooner or later. Pasta lovers will absolutely love this. It is highly recommended!

The story of Brewskie and how they started it.

Carlo Conception one of the co-owner of Brewskie Pasta Hub stated that the Brewskie was originally a group of bikers before they finally came up with the idea of making it as a food business. Watch the video below.

This is good for a group bonding with your barkada. It’s a must try!

You can visit their Facebook page for more info.

Have you been here? Share your experience in the comment section below 🙂

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