Hundred Islands, Alaminos: Budget Travel Guide and How to Get There

Hundred Islands National Park

Hundred Islands National Park is a protected area located in Alaminos, Pangasinan. It’s 124 islands during low tide and 123 at high tide scattered in Lingayen Gulf is home to wildlife species. There are only 4 major developed Islands: The Governor’s Island, Marcos Island, Quezon’s Island, and Pilgrimage Island. Hundred Islands in Pangasinan is one of the best destinations you could visit on your weekend getaway. It is full of exciting activities that I’m sure it would be best if you go together with your family or friends. If you are traveling to Hundred Islands for the first time, I hope this travel guide will help you.

How To Go to Hundred Islands

Via commute.

  1. Ride a bus bound for Alaminos Pangasinan in Cubao. Victory Liner, Dagupan Bus, and Star bus offer daily trips to Alaminos. Please check the departure schedule on their website
  2. Alight at Alaminos Bus Terminal.
  3. From there, go to Lucap terminal.
  4. Ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you are going Lucap Wharf which is the jump-off point for Hundred Islands island hopping.
  5. Go to Tourism Information Center and pay for the required fees. (Environmental fees, entrance fee, boat rental and etc). You can also rent a tent if you are planning to stay overnight and camp at the Hundred Islands.

Hundred Islands Boat Tour Rates and Fees

Before touring the islands, it’s mandatory to visit the Alaminos Tourism Office where you have to pay for the boat and environmental fees.

Environmental FeePHP 60 per person
Entrance FeePHP 30 per person
InsurancePHP 10 per person
TOTALPHP 100 per person
Environmental FeePHP 120 per person
Entrance FeePHP 30 per person
InsurancePHP 10 per person
TOTAL160 per person

20% discount for senior citizens and PWD. Free for children 5 years old and below.

Motorboat Rent

Tour type
(Boat size)
One Day Tour With Service BoatTwo Day Tour With Service Boat
Small(max. 5 pax)PHP 1,400PHP 3,000
Medium(max 10 pax)PHP 1,800PHP 3,800
Large(max 15 pax)PHP 2,000PHP 4, 500

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

WATCH: Hundred Island Drone Video

Where to Stay in Hundred Islands

Accommodations have never been an issue in Alaminos. In fact, there are so many available accommodations that you can find online. Maybe you can also do walk-ins but I highly suggest booking a room a month prior to your travel date especially during peak season. We’ve collected some of the best accommodations in Pangasinan that you might like. Check our list below.



Aside from Agoda and Booking, you can also check Airbnb. Actually, we’ve booked our room through Airbnb. We can actually give you a discount on Airbnb by clicking below.

The Islands

Based on my experience, one day isn’t enough to visit all the beautiful islands. However, some islands are just like huge rocks and not all of them are possible to visit. Only three of them have been developed for tourism, the Governor’s Island, Marcos Island, and the Quezon’s Island. You can also ask the boatman if you want to request to visit other islands without extra charge as long as it is along the way.

Hundreds Island Pangasinan

The Governor’s Island

Our first destination was the Governor’s Island, this is one of the famous islands in Alaminos where you have to hike for about 5 minutes to reach the viewing deck. The viewing deck provides spectacular views of the Hundred Islands National Park. You can also see the pilgrimage island where the statue of Jesus Christ is situated. There is also available accommodation on Governor’s Island if you want to stay there.

Hundreds Island Pangasinan
Hundreds Island Pangasinan
View from Governor Island View Deck
Hundreds Island Pangasinan

The Marcos Island

The second island we’ve visited is Marcos Island. This island was named after the late president Ferdinand Marcos. One of the exciting activities to try in Marcos Island is the short trek that will lead you to a cliff inside the cave where you can jump to the lagoon below about 12 feet high.

Hundreds Island Pangasinan
Hundreds Island Pangasinan

Quezon’s Island

Quezon’s Island is probably the most developed island among the three. We spent almost 3 hours on this island where we also took our lunch. There is a three-floor restaurant on the island but if you brought your own food, you can rent a table for PHP 200.00. A grilling station is also available at the back of the restaurant. If you want to try some thrilling activity, you can try their zip line which costs PHP 100.00 per jump.

Hundreds Island Pangasinan
Aerial View of Quezon’s Island
Hundreds Island Pangasinan

There are a lot of things that you will probably like in Quezon’s Island. First, there are many Instagrammable spots around the area, secondly, Quezon’s Island offers an adventure that you couldn’t find from other islands. Lastly, the sand is fine but not as powdery as found in Boracay. Nevertheless, it indeed relaxing and enough for a quick weekend getaway, we really had a fun and memorable experience at Quezon’s Island.

If you are a group, the banana boat is also available at Quezon’s Island. Below are the rates of island activities.

Zipline (546 meters)
Governor’s Island
Php 250.00 per jump
Zipline (120 meters)
Quezon Island
Php 100.00 per jump
Wall ClimbingPhp 50.00 per pax
RapellingPhp 50.00 per pax
Banana Boat (max. 7pax)Php 1,500.00 per ride
Helmet DivingPhp 400.00 per dive (20
Kayaking ( max.2pax)Php 250.00 per hour
SnorkelingPhp 250.00 per set gear

Pilgrimaged Island

The last island we’ve visited was the pilgrimage island where a huge statue of Jesus Christ is situated. The island is home to a 17-meter statue of Christ the Savior and it can be seen from the Lucap Wharf. Pilgrimage island features noticeable life-size statues throughout the 12 stations of the cross along with the 263 steps concrete stair before reaching the huge statue of Jesus Christ. There is also a small chapel on the top of the hill.

It took us almost 30 minutes to reach the top of the island. From the summit, you can see the panoramic view of the surrounding islands. We were so lucky that time as the beautiful sunset greeted upon reaching the summit.

Aside from the islands that I mentioned above, you can also visit Romulo Island if you want to experience a white sandy beach. Just tell to the driver that you want to visit Romulo Island.

Hundred Islands Sample Itinerary

DAY 0ETD From Manila to Pangasinan9:00 PM
DAY 1ETA Victory Liner, Alaminos Pangasinan2:00 AM
Hotel/accommodation check-in & Sleep2:30 AM
Wakeup call6:00 AM
Breakfast7:00 AM
Going to Lucal Wharf – Tourism Office8:00 AM
Start of the tour – Boat going to Hundred Island8:30 AM
Governor’s Deck9:00 AM
Marcos Island: Caving, Cliff jumping, Swimming10:00 AM
Quezon’s Island11:30 AM
Lunch12:00 NN
Free time at Quezon’s Island – Zipline, Swimming, & picture taking. 1:00 PM
Pilgrimage Island: Trekking3:00 PM
End of tour: Go back to Lucap Wharf5:00 PM
Freetime(Wash, buy foods, sleep, etc)6:00 PM
Dinner7:00 PM
Going home: Bus terminal to Manila7:30 PM
ETD from Alaminos to Manila8:00 PM
ETA to Cubao2:00 AM

Hundred Islands Budget Breakdown

Here is the summary of our expenses from our last trip to Hundred Islands. This sample budget breakdown is a rough estimate and only applicable for 4 persons but I hope the table below will help and guide you in budgeting your own money throughout your journey in Hundred Islands.

Bus from Cubao going to Alaminos via Victory Liner427
Tricycle from Bus terminal to accommodation6015
2D1N Accommodation1,500375
Food budget(Rought estimate)1,300325
Boat rental1,400350
Snorkeling gear250
Misc(Other expenses: Tricycle, condiments, etc)500125
Bus from Alaminos going to Cubao terminal via Victory Liner427

I suggest preparing at least PHP 3,000 if your planning to visit Hundred Islands.

Hundred Islands Travel Tips

  • Include the boatman in your lunch
  • Bring cash since most of the transactions are cash basis and they don’t have a card terminal.
  • Bring sunblock to avoid skin damage from the direct sunlight
  • Bring your own power bank since island hopping activity is all day long.
  • I suggest bringing your own snorkeling gear if you have one since snorkeling gear rental fee is PHP 250 per head.
  • A waterproof bag or dry bag is very useful for your gadget, especially during island hopping.
  • If you want to lessen your expenses, buy at the wet market and cook your own foods.
  • Don’t go there during peak season as the island will get crowded.
  • Take your trash with you.

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