Inside Diplomat Hotel: Most Haunted Place in Baguio

Diplomat Hotel Fountain

Do you want some extra thrilling adventure in Baguio City? Are you brave enough to encounter unexpected people living outside world? 

Diplomat Hotel

I had the chance to visit diplomat hotel after we hiked Mt. Ulap in Itogon, Benguet since it’s a part of our itinerary. I really wanted to visit the old diplomat hotel even before as I heard ghost stories and sightings in the area. I really want to challenge my self every time, added to that is the Jesica Soho’s Holloween special makes me feel more excited to go there to personally experience what does it feel inside the Diplomat Hotel. In fact, some people go here just to do ghost hunting.

Diplomat Hotel

There are numerous spooky sites and hunted places in the Philippines, on the top of the list is the Dominican Hill Retreat House or commonly known as The Diplomat Hotel, built on a hill with a panoramic view overlooking Baguio City.

diplomat hotel ghost

Every time we talk about hunted places, Diplomat Hotel probably the first hunted site that comes to our mind.

Diplomat Hotel
Entrance of Diplomat Hotel

Diplomat Hotel considered as one of the scariest hotels in Baguio City started to construct in 1913 for American friars along with a few Spanish members as a vacation house.


During World War II, Japanese soldiers invaded the retreat house and made it into their headquarters. Refugees, priest, nuns and even babies were tortured, raped and massacred by some Japanese military inside a Diplomat Hotel.

diplomat hotel ghost

When the Americans bombed the place, Japanese forces commit suicide. After a decade, different stories spread rapidly through the town which was experienced by hotel’s guests, guards and employees as they claimed that they often hear an unusual noise, strange sounds coming from the building.

Diplomat Hotel Fountain

Most of the massacre happened in this area near the fountain. 


I asked one of the guards about his experience working at the Diplomat Hotel. I asked him, “Natatakot pa din po ba kyo?”

He promply replied: “Nung una, pero ngayon sanay na”.

He also shared his personal experience with us during his late night duty, he said that he often hears shouting, screaming, clanging sounds, woman, and babies crying for help especially at the second floor. He also hears a sound of glass breaking from the window of the building.

Babies, priest, and nun were beheaded in the area where the fountain is located. This is believed to be the reason why headless apparitions can often be seen during the night inside the hotel.

Diplomat Hotel


Upon entering the Diplomat hotel, I have no feeling of any unusual things even creepy thoughts inside my mind as there are many tourists at that time as well. But everything changed when I saw the fountain located inside the uncovered area of the building.

Honestly, there is a negative feeling every time I look at that fountain as I remembering what actually happened during those times. I started to record videos for our vlog and to document everything as well, hoping for the camera to catch something. (You know what I mean).

Diplomat Hotel

From the first floor, you can see a wide area with a chapel. The building looks really old as some of its wall and pillars were cracked and some were covered with stain. Each room on the second floor was opened, some of its walls were replaced with new hollow blocks indicating that it might have been destroyed during the world war.

Old photos of diplomat hotel displayed at the lobby area. 
Diplomat Hotel

The fountain can be seen from the hallway window of the second floor, the uncovered area where the fountain is located serves as a ventilation to flow subaerial air into the building.  The panoramic view of the Baguio City can be seen from the rooftop of the Diplomat Hotel.

Diplomat Hotel
The panoramic view of Baguio City from the roof top of Diplomat Hotel.

There are many questions which until now seeking for answers about the mystery of Dominican Hill Retreat House.


You can ride a cab to bring you to the top of Dominical Hill where the Diplomat Hotel is located anywhere in Baguio City. You can also commute by riding a jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off at the intersection at the foot of Dominican hill. Below is the direction from SM Baguio going to Diplomat Hotel.

Mga kwento ng nakaraan na nabalutan ng kwentong katatakutan. Ano nga ba nag misteryo na bumabalot sa diplomat hotel. Marami nga ba talaganag namatay dito noong panahon ng mga hapon? Whats your thoughts, please leave comment below.

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