Accommodation and resorts in Jomalig rise along with the increasing number of visitors. Some of the resorts are just a minute away from the Jomalig Port via Habal-habal. As we’ve seen in other blogs, most of the resorts in Jomalig is clean, beautiful, quiet and well-maintained but some of them is a bit crowded especially during peak seasons but if you want to stay away from the crowd, you might want to consider another paradise resort we’ve found in Jomalig island that’s so peaceful, calm, relaxing and definitely worth a visit.


Jearts Emerald Beach Resort

We stayed at Jearts Emerald Beach Resort. They just opened last April 17, 2019. In fact, Aj was their first ever customer who booked a room since they open their page to the public in April. Jearts Emerald Beach Resort is one of the newest resorts in Jomalig. It was 2:00 AM when we arrived at the resort. We were pitifully welcomed by the owner of the resort because we spent almost 13 hours at the port. Since there is no assurance if we still push through, many passerby tourists have offered money just to get our reserved Kubo but the owner didn’t give it and they still wait for us until we arrive.

Anyway, believe it or not, though the resort is simple, we will gonna put this place on the list of best resort we have visited. It’s indeed beautiful and totally worth it despite an exhausting long journey we’ve experienced from the Port Real going to Jomalig Island. Serenity, tranquil, relaxing, peaceful and uncrowded. That’s all the words I thought that best describe Jearts Emerald Beach Resort. Since the resort just opens last Holy Week. It is not that crowded unlike the other common resorts in Jomalig.

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They immediately prepare foods when we arrived. They are very accommodating until our last day on the resort. We were so glad that all of our hard work just to visit the island has been paid off.


At the moment, they currently have a total of five nipa hut. Three of them have a room with beddings while the two others are open cabana. They’re still planning to add more rooms to accommodate more guest in the future. You can also rent a tent for PHP 300 per night which is good for 2 pax. Videoke is also available for those who want to sing along. You can also ask for “Paluto” in the resort.

We were expecting the island was already crowded since there around approximately 7000 tourists at the Port Real going to Jomalig, but we haven’t seen even their shadows on the Island. haha Luckily, we’ve booked our accommodation to Jearts Emerald Resort. We woke up along with a very peaceful ambiance. Lowtide. Calming. Fresh air. We stroll around the beach for an hour. Their beach is clean and almost white sand. You can play volleyball on the beach front. Thanks to Ate Ana and Kuya Botik for a warm welcome and for accommodating us. Our complete Jomalig travel guide can be found here


Raymond bus offers daily trips to Real, Quezon. You can ride LRT 2 and alight at Legarda Station. From there, Transportation is just a walking distance. Use Google Map.

  • From Cubao, ride LRT-2 going to Recto then alight at Legarda station.
  • Walk towards Legarda Street until you reach Raymond Transportation.
  • Ride a bus bound to infanta or Real. Travel time is 3-4 hours.
  • Once you are in Quezon, there are tricycles that can transfer you to the port that bound to Jomalig.
  • Ride a boat from Ungos Port going to Jomalig. Travel time is 4-5 hours.
  • Ride a habal-habal and tell to the driver that you are going to Jearts Emerald Beach Resort. Travel fare is PHP 150 per head.

You can find another option here.

Contact and Reservation

Ate Ana: 09489575088 / 0915 1508265 /
09474927171 / 0915 5318541

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