Kandle Café: A hidden Café in Mother Ignacia St, Quezon City

KANDLE CAFÈ – Every time I see Kandle Cafè, I always wondering and keep on asking myself what inside this café. Since it’s hiding behind the brick walls and plants, you can’t see the café itself from the outside. I wanted to enter this café since then. I decided to invite Aj here at Kandle Café to celebrate our second anniversary with a simple yet romantic place to dine in. In this rainy season, it’s indeed a good thing to hang out at café drinking a hot tea while watching the raindrops pouring on glass window on the cold rainy day.

Kandle Cafe

I was amazed when we I see the surprisingly spacious and cozy dining area with a mini garden outside. It’s very recommended for a large group. Simple yet picture-perfect. You can choose where to dine either indoor or outdoor. Both areas are looks really nice and comfortable. The rain is pouring down heavily plus the wind is so cold when we went there. It gave us a very chill ambiance and it’s actually what I’ve been looking for. I also like their interior design and the area is clean. Their staff is very accommodating.

Kandle Café

Kandle Café


The ambiance is honestly good and the place itself is really nice. Kandle Café is also not that crowded so it’s ideal for those who are looking for a quiet place with a great ambiance where they could focus and enjoy their foods. It is also definitely a good place to work or study while eating their bestseller sandwich and drinking hot coffee on a rainy season. It’s absolutely another gem that can be found around Quezon City.

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Kandle Café
Photo by Margadelish

Kandle Café


Kandle Cafè serves American, Asia, and Filipino food. So you have a lot of option when it comes to their food.


I ordered porterhouse while Aj ordered BBQ Pork, the porterhouse comes with delicious grilled 7 oz. steak with sauteed vegetables and corn on the cob. It’s really worth it even it is cost me PHP 490 because it’s big enough to fill my tummy. They didn’t disappoint my expectation with their highest rating on Zomato.BBQ Pork comes with poached egg, buttered corn and mixed green in red wine vinaigrette. It also served with rice. One thing I noticed is my porterhouse meat is not so tender and a somewhat difficult to cut. Nevertheless, it tastes good. Kandle Cafè‘s BBQ Pork is also a must-try, a combination of the sweet and sour taste of their BBQ pork will surely make you crave to make you coming back.

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We’ve also tried their matcha KitKat(PHP 190.00) and Strawberry milkshakes(PHP 160.00). Macha KitKat is something you must try, it’s so nice while the strawberry milkshakes seemed like the other milkshake for me. A common taste of strawberry milkshake that you can buy in another cafe.

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Kandle Café

Kandle Café


We haven’t tried all their dishes but we promise that we will definitely go back to try the others.


Even though they are hiding behind the brick wall, they are still easy to find. Kandle Cafè is located along Mother Ignacia Avenue, just 5 minutes away from one of the biggest TV network here in the Philippines, ABS-CBN.

Via Private Vehicles

  • If you’re coming from Cubao Area, you can take EDSA going to northbound.
  • Straight ahead then turn left to Timog Avenue (Landmark: GMA Network)
  • After passing GMA Network, turn right to Sgt. Esguerra St.
  • Then turn left to Eugenio Lopez Dr.
  • Turn left again to Mother Ignacia Street.
  • Go straight until you reach Kandle Cafè

Via Commute

  • Let’s say you are coming from Cubao, you have two option, either riding a bus or MRT.
  • Ride any bus going to North (UE Letre, Malinta, SM North, Malanday) or Ride MRT
  • Drop off at Quezon Ave – Centris MRT station.
  • Go to the opposite side through MRT overpass.
  • Then go to Panay Ave.
  • There’s a tricycle terminal there beside KFC.
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at Kandle Cafe.

You can view Kandle Café at 360 View, check it here https://www.facebook.com/kandlecafe/app/208195102528120/


Kandle Cafe
Photo by Bads

Kandle Cafe
(c) johnbunag

Kandle Cafe
Photo By johnbunag

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