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Why Kayangan Lake is the cleanest Lake in the Philippines

Coron Travel Guide Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake – It’s no wonder why Palawan visit by many tourists, local or international. It’s because of its incomparable beauty that you can’t find in any other places in the world. Palawan has a lot to offer, in fact, there are roughly 1,780 islands and islets that surrounds Palawan. One of these Island is the Coron, located at the north of Palawan Island.

Coron Island is one of the most visited destinations in the Philippines because of its panoramic vista, powdery white beaches, brilliant blue and emerald-colored lakes hiding behind the towering karst limestones. One of the main tourist destinations in Coron Island is the Kayangan Lake.


Kayangan Lake is just one of the 8 beautiful lakes located in Coron Island that are open to the public. It’s not actually surprising why it is dubbed as the “Cleanest lake in the entire country” it’s because of its super clear water that even lake floor and huge limestones can be viewed from the boardwalk.

Coron Travel Guide
Coron Travel Guide Kayangan lake

Before to see Coron’s marvelous hidden paradise, you have to take the 367 steps up and down the mountain, it’s a short walk from the docking area. The middle part of the mountain is where the Kayangan view deck is located.

Coron Travel Guide

It’s totally a jaw-dropping experience when you have finally seen the place where you can only see on the internet before. It’s absolutely stunning and who would have thought that there is a beautiful place hiding behind those limestone karst formations and that was the Kayangan Lake.

Coron Travel Guide - Kayangan Lake

I took the very rare opportunity to swim at the clear waters of Kayangan Lake as there was just so much more to see underwater. I took off my vest to see what Kayangan lake can offer below and it didn’t disappoint me since the view is getting more stunning as I go deeper.


  • Follow the rules at all times
  • Keep informed
  • Think about your safety always
  • Keep the place clean (Do not litter nor spit everywhere)
  • Charge your gadgets especially the cameras for photo ops.


  • It’s very advisable to wear your life vest always
  • Don’t go deeper if you are not used to it.
  • There was two foreign free diver tourist died at the Kayangan lake way back in 2018 due to shallow blackout.
  • Kayangan lake is 70% and 30% salt water, so you have to put extra effort to float.


There are a lot of accommodations available in Coron where you can really be satisfied with its rates and location. I suggest booking a room online prior to the date of your trip as it could be easily accommodated since Coron is one of the most visited islands in the Philippines, especially during the summer season. 

You can check one here:



If you’re looking for a complete Coron travel guide and itinerary. We have already published our own guide and you can check it in here.

It was just really amazing to see a  paradise-like place that you wouldn’t think it was located in the Philippines.


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