Make your own burger at The Burger Project (Maginhawa Street, Quezon City)

It’s our Monthsary so we both agreed to just have a dinner after work to celebrate it, I asked Aj to choose a resto along Maginahawa street in Quezon  City,  too many options which makes you harder to choose, too much choice is stressing us out. Since I’m craving for a burger that time,  I searched for a burger cafe along Maginhawa on the internet. My first option was the Fat Cousins’ Diner, but when we arrived at the place, it’s crowded so we end up looking for another burger café, luckily! there’s a nearby burger café in the area. We intrigue at their name “The Burger Project” with a low-tone man voice sound like in a suspense movie while reading it, I think it’s something exceptional so why don’t give it a try?




We entered at the café and the staff greeted us upon giving their “Burger Maker” menu.  We haven’t had an idea in the first place, later on, we realized that you have to make your own burger based on the list of raw materials that they have given on the menu.  Aside from making your own burger, they also have pre-made one and two hands burgers with sesame seed bun plus fat fries and iced tea starting at ₱150.00 to ₱355.00.

Every time I eat to a resto/café that I first entered, I have a habit of asking what are the best seller in their menu. The crew said that their best seller is the Western bacon Melt which cost ₱ 355.00. Sadly, it’s not available that time, I have to choose another from the menu. While I’m thinking what to eat. Aj started to make her legendary burger.  She named it “Angel“.  I don’t think if she is an avid fan of Angel’s burger. 🤔

Burger project angel

In step one, there’s a two option: two hands and one hand burger. Since her tummy is easy to satisfy with food. She chose the one hand Angus burger. Each material has its own price.   Step two for a Bun, step three for a cheese and step four for the toppings. Each topping cost ₱ 25.00, but there is also a free topping which is the Lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes.Step 5 is for premium toppings. Lastly, step six is for the sauce which divided into two categories: The regular cost ₱ 25.00 and the premium sauce cost ₱35.00.  Milkshakes, beers, and beverages are also available.

Burger project menu

To differ in her choice, I ordered the pre-made Bleu Buffalo(two hands), it came with a chicken patty(I thought it was a buffalo patty), bleu cheese, massive onion rings, pickles, tomato, and lettuce. I named it “The Hungry Bakunawa”.  The patty is like a pancake at first site, but when you taste it, it’s a bit of spicy chicken flavored patty with a buffalo wings sauce. The two massive onion rings dominate the burger.  The texture of the patty is something like a scrambled egg. I enjoyed the food but I’m not satisfied with the taste. Don’t worry, its just my taste bud, we have a different opinion.










The service is good and the ambiance is also good the crew was so approachable, it is not crowded by the time we came here.


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Have you been here in this Burger Café in Maginhawa Street?

You can also share your thoughts by dropping a comment below 🙂


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