Manuel Uy Beach Resort: Ultimate DIY Travel Guide for only Php 50 entrance fee(Calatagan, Batangas)

Manuel Uy Beach Resort is perfect for you! if you are looking for a cheap but awesome destination near manila. In just Php 50.00 entrance fee for a day tour and Php 100.00 for an overnight stay, you can enjoy the entire day and experience thisunspoiled beach near Manila.

Watch the video below:

Manuel Uy Beach resort

My boyfriend and I celebrated my birthday at the Manuel Uy beach resort located in Calatagan, a southern part of Batangas. The leisurely shore with a knee-deep clean clear ocean water and a smooth sand makes our journey totally worth it.

First of all, I would like to share it with you how do we get to Manuel Uy Beach Resort.


  1. From Cubao, ride a bus going to SM Moa/ Pasay and drop off at MRT EDSA-Taft station.
  2. From From MRT Taft station, go to a van terminal bound to Calatagan at the back of Metro point mall and besides Kabayan Hotel (Fare is Php 180.00)
  3. Drop off at the Calatagan Public Market where you can buy some foods like we did. The travel time from Pasay to Calatagan is roughly 3-4 hours, depending on the traffic.
  4. From Calatagan public market, there’s a queue of tricycle where you could hire going to Manuel Uy Beach Resort. It’s better to have a contact driver, Our contact is Kuya Kiko(Sobrang bait, hinintay nya pa kmi matapos mamili sa market) you may contact him at 0920-3426812. The fare is Php 200 good for 4 persons. So Php 50 per person, but if you are alone you have to pay for the whole amount. The travel time is 15-20 minutes.

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We ride a bus at Cubao going to Pasay / SM MOA around 5:00 AM and we arrived at MRT Taft station at 5:45 AM, I highly suggest to leave Manila as early as possible for two reasons. First there’s a long queue for the van going to Calatagan, Second, the travel time may take 3-4 hours depending on the traffic.We’ve waited for about 30 – 40 minutes and finally, the van arrived and we left Manila around 6:30 AM and we arrived at Calatagan public market at exactly 9:40 AM.


Upon arriving at the market, we immediately look for our contact tricycle driver which is Kuya Kiko and we decided to buy some foods at the market. Good thing, Kuya Kiko is very nice, he waits for us to buy some things in the market for about 30 minutes before we go to Manuel Uy Beach Resort. The travel time from Calatagan public market to Manuel Uy Beach Resort is 15-20 minutes.


The entrance fee for day tour is Php 50.00 per head and Php 100.00 for an overnight stay. There is also a Php 30.00 environmental fee and Php 50.00 placement fee for the tent.  We arrived at Manuel Uy Beach Resort at 10:40 AM then we started to set up our tent. 🏖 ⛱ 👙 🏊🏻⛺️

We chose this small tree since some of the good spots are already occupied, hoping that it can shade us from the direct sunlight haha.

Manuel Uy Tent

Manuel Uy Beach Resort

There is no cottages or room that you can avail in Manuel Uy Beach resort except setting up a tent.

Manuel Uy Beach Resort

stilts calatagan beach resort
The Nipa hut-like that you can see in this photo is the Maldives inspired resort. The Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort. Located beside Manuel Uy Beach Resort.

We didn’t have a chopping board so I just chopped the tomatoes and onions on the cover of the plastic container. Luckily, there is a two boy selling mangoes and I bought and I asked them if I can borrow their knife. hehe 

Manuel Uy beach resort is a bit crowded the time when we visited, locals say it is natural on the weekend but fewer people on weekdays.

Manuel Uy Beach Resort is just another paradise beach located near Manila. I think you probably haven’t heard this resort before since it was just started early last year. Manuel Uy beach resort is just a fish pond before until the owner decided to make it a beach resort. Based on the locals that we asked, Manuel Uy beach resort is currently developing and by the next year, it would provide cottages and better accommodation. So while it is not expensive like other beaches near Manila, this unspoiled beach in Calatagan, Batangas should be added to your travel bucket list. Anyway, please do not expect anything such as a Boracay-like beach for only Php 50.00 entrance fee. I hope you get what I’m saying 🙂

Just a couple thing to add about the beach, what I really like the most here in Manuel Uy Beach Resort is the knee-deep water even if you are far from the seashore but the first part is rocky so going barefoot is not recommended. The ocean is very calm and there’s a lifeguard in the middle. The sand is very comfortable to walk on but it can be very hot in the afternoon. Another thing that we’ve noticed is the empty bottles of beer around from the beach goers who just left it on the seashore after partying.

Manuel Uy Beach Calatagan
Volleyball net 🙂

Manuel Uy Beach

There’s also a small sandbar here in Manuel Uy

Ice for sale

There’s a charging station in Manuel Uy for just Php 20 pesos per gadget.


Boats parked in Manuel Uy Beach where they can transfer you to Little Boracay/Startfish island and the sandbar

We went to what they called “Little Boracay or the Starfish Island”, 20-30 minutes away from the Manuel Uy beach resort. The rent for the boat is Php 200.00 per head for one hour tour going to little Boracay and sandbar then additional Php 100.00 for another 30 minutes which is a minimum of 5 persons, but since we are just two, we availed the special trip which cost Php 500.00 and additional Php 100.00 per head since we extended for another 30 minutes because we just couldn’t resist the temptation to stay there longer due to the smooth white sand and knee-deep crystal clear water. Beautiful indeed!

We didn’t expect the beauty of this island, you can see a plenty of starfish through a super clear water laying down the sea floor. The island is not crowded. In fact, there are no people except the two of us, our boatman, and the group of 6 people who left the island immediately.

We left the starfish island at around 2:00 PM then we proceed to the sandbar, located 15 minutes away from the starfish island.


The sandbar is rocky so you have to wear sandals. In addition, the edge of the sandbar is so deep, so please be careful.


  • Swimming
  • Tour going to Starfish Island/little Boracay and sandbar
  • Snorkeling
  • Camping
  • Banana boat riding
  • Viewing of Sunset/Sunrise
  • Bonfire
  • Stargazing


6:30 AM Taft station: Van terminal bound to Calatagan 180
9:30 AM Arrival at Calatagan Public Market
9:45 AM Buying foods and utensils that we needed in the resort
10:15 AM Tricycle: Going to Manuel Uy Beach Resort 200 good for 4 persons / 50 per pax
10:30 AM Environmental fee 30 per head
10:35 AM Main entrance of Manuel Uy Beach 100(Overnight)
10:40 AM Arrival at Manuel Uy Beach Resort
11:00 AM Setting up the tent
11:30 AM Breakfast-lunch at our tent
12:00 NN Walking and wandering
1:00 PM Going to little Boracay/starfish island 500 special trip
1:30 PM Arrival at starfish island
2:00 PM Going to sand bar
2:30 PM Going back to Manuel Uy Beach Resort
3:00 PM Swimming at Manuel Uy Beach
5:00 PM Shower 20
5:30 PM Rest
7:15 PM Dinner at our tent 50 (Paluto fee)
8:00 PM Walking at the beach
10:30 PM Sleep
7:30 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Swimming 8:00 AM onwards
10:30 AM Early lunch
12:30 AM Packing up and Shower 20
1:10 PM Triclycle going to Calatagan Public Market 200 good for 4 persons / 50 per pax
1:30 PM Van going to Pasay 160
TOTAL 630 + rent of boat going to starfish island = 1,130

Food is not included in the breakdown, it depends on you that’s why I didn’t add it to the budget list. Therefore, here is our budget breakdown for food.

Salted egg 3 13 39
Tomato 3 4 12
Onion 2 6 12
Hotdog 1 pack 27
Paper plate 5 3 15
Spoon and fork 10 1 10
Plastic cup 5 1 5
Canned tuna 1 35 35
Bottled water 500ml 3 25 75
Ready-made meal from carinderea 3 60 180
Extra rice 2 10 20
Coke Mismo 4 15 60
Cup noodles 2 25 50
Hot water 2 5 10


1. Do they have a shower room or comfort room? 

A: Yes, they have, 20 pesos for the shower room and 10 pesos for the comfort room.

2. Do they have a room for rent or cottages?

A: No, they only have a tent rental (tent only, no pillow or mattress) which cost Php 500.00, we highly suggest to bring your own tent.

3. Can we cook our food at the resort?

A: Yes you can, but if you didn’t bring a stove, you may request to cook your food at the small sari-sari store there. The paluto fee is Php 50.00.

4. Can we charge our phone and other gadgets?

A: Definitely yes!  There’s a charging station in the resort. Php 20.00 per charge.

5. Is there any available store selling ice?

A: Yes, at the charging station.

6. Do we need to book a reservation?

A: No, the beach is open and you can go there by walk in.

7. How much is the entrance fee?

A: Php 50.00 for day tour and 100 pesos for an overnight stay. There’s is also a Php 30.00 environmental fee and another Php 50.00 for placement fee for the tent.

8. Can we check in around 3:00 AM?

A: Yes, the resort is open 24 hours

9. Can we set up a bonfire?

A: YES, but please do not even attempt to set up one, it will ruin the beach mga bes.

10. Can we bring our own grill or stove?

A: 100% Yes! 🙂


You may buy a food in the market and cook at the resort. There is a small sari-sari store in Manuel Uy where you can request your food to be cooked for just Php 50.00. Nevertheless, you can also bring a grill or a gas stove. From the market, there’s a lady who offers to us to cook and deliver our food to the resort for Php 250.00. if you want your food to be cooked in advance for less hassle, you just have to wait for your food to be delivered. Her name is Ate Joy, you may contact her at 0909-0533911. She also offers a package tour at any point of Batangas. In our case,  we just bought a hot dog, salted egg, canned tuna and ready-made food(Adobe, eggplant omelet & Bicol Express) and rice from carinderia(Php 60.00 per order), you can also buy a paper plate, cup and a plastic spoon and fork at the Calatagan public market. You may also bring your own food if you want to lessen your expenses.

[easy-image-collage id=2236]

For those who were asking about the shower room, the plywood-covered shower room is a bit farther from the campsite and you have to wait for a long queue often times.  Most visitors who have been here left Manuel Uy resort with disappointment regarding with their shower room.


  • Bring a water
  • Fully charged power bank and cell phone.
  • Bring your own tent
  • Blanket
  • Bring goggles if you want to snorkel
  • Rechargeable lamp
  • Flashlight
  • Aqua shoes
  • Sunblock lotion
  • Camera

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Aj Clyde
Hi, my name is Aj. A weekend traveler and a simple office girl working on a 9-5 who have a WANderful soul and dreaming of an endless summer.

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    • pwede po kyo mag avail ng electricity Mam as I remembered, Php 100 po, pwede po kyo mag ask dun sa store or sa may charging station

    • Hi, typical sari-sari store po, may mga softdrinks, snacks, bread, etc and meron din po sila tindang kanin Php 15.00 per cup 🙂

  1. Adventure to Manuel uy Beach
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  2. Hi po ate! My family and I are planning to go here next month, I just want to ask if the environmental fee is indeed for a group and not for each person. Also, are there any tables for rent? If so, how much is it? I enjoyed reading your blog and watching your video! Good luck to you! 🙂

    • Hi! Wow, I really appreciate it po mam 🙂 Anyway, yung environmental fee per head po sya and regarding on the tables po, yes meron po 🙂 pwede po kayo mag ask dun sa may nag iisang tindahan sa Manuel Uy. Ang alam ko 300 po yung rent 🙂


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