Miami Heat Beach Resort – a newly opened finest luxury beach resort located in Barangay Nagbalayon, Morong Bataan. Positioned within a protected natural park of Pawikan conservation center, Miami Heat Beach Resort is where luxury meets natural at its best, indeed, a slice of paradise. As started last year, this resort has already gained popularity because of its Miami beach inspired look and a luxurious ambiance that you may feel once you enter into this resort.

We were walking when we passed by and we saw this resort, the first thing this resort caught our attention was literally their name “Miami Heat” beach resort. The name is obviously based on the NBA team – Miami heat since there are a lot of pictures of NBA superstar that you can see hanging on their walls. As we enter the resort, we also noticed the 50ft slide at the beachfront. I think this is one of their highlights since they are the only one resort we’ve seen who have a slide like this direct to the beach.

Miami beach slide

We enter to Miami heat beach resort just to inquire about the rates and for the blog purposes as well then we noticed that there are a lot of guards around the vicinity, we asked one of them then he accompanied us to the owner of the resort – Mr. Jimmy Bustamante. They are nice and very accommodating. We asked Mr. Jimmy Bustamante about the Miami heat room rates and some details of the resorts as well, we said that we were also a blogger.

They didn’t hesitate to accommodate us even we are not a guest. One of the guards guide us inside, he showed to us the infinity pools, the restaurant, canteen, the bar and anything inside the resort.

Miami Heat Resort Bataan
(c) Photo courtesy of Miami Heat Resort Facebook Page
miami heat beach resort
(c) Photo courtesy of Miami Heat Resort Facebook Page

After getting some information, we headed back to our room at Ganso Blue Resort, which a few meters away from Miami Beach Resort.

Miami Heat beach

While we swim, we saw Mr. Jimmy Bustamante driving a jet ski, then I tell to my father and to my brother-in-law that Mr. Bustamante and I had a conversation recently and I tell them that he is the owner of Miami beach resort. The man who’s driving the jet ski identified by my brother-in-law and he tell us that they personally know each other. My brother-in-law was an architect while Mr. Jimmy was an engineer. As I heard, they’ve worked together before for one project.

miami heat beach resort

We return to Miami beach resort that night together with my brother-in-law. While they’re having a conversation, we were busy to take pictures around. We noticed that Miami Beach resort is more beautiful and alluring at night. The light ambiance complements the vibes of the surroundings which is perfect for a pool party.

miami heat beach resort

What’s inside Miami Beach Resort?(Activities, amenities, etc.)

  • Infinity pools
  • Banana boat
  • Speedboat
  • Jet ski
  • Kayak
  • Restaurant
  • Team building
  • Slide
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Bar
  • Videoke


  • The pool hours is starting from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • You have to take a shower first before you go to the swimming pool
  • Children below 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • You have to wear proper swimming attire(No cotton materials allowed)
  • No foods and drinks allowed in the pool area
  • Diving and running are prohibited
  • Pets are not allowed inside

Miami heat beach resort room rates

ROOM RATE(Php Per night) CAPACITY(Per pax)
Standard Room 3,200.00 2 Can maximize up to 4 persons with extra charge
Villa Room 5,000.00 4
Premier Room 6,000.00 4 Can maximize up to 8 persons with extra charge
Dorm type Room 10,000.00 10
Loft type Room 12,000.00 12 Can maximize up to 15 persons with extra charge
Deluxe Room 4,500.00 4 Can maximize up to 6 persons with extra charge
Family Room 6,000.00 5 Can maximize up to 8 persons with extra charge

Extra charge 700 per head package for day tour and 550 per head entrance fee.


So, if you are planning to visit this resort. I highly suggest that you book a room online.

You can check the latest price at Agoda by clicking the button below.

PS: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Please check prices with Miami Heat Beach Resort before visiting. You may contact them at this number:

Smart: 0908-191-8641

Globe: 0917-831-0434

Landline: (02) 703-0911

You may also visit their website at  and their Facebook page at



  1. From Cubao, ride Bataan transit or Genesis bus going to Balanga Bataan
  2. From Balanga ride a minibus going to Morong
  3. Get off at Morong public market(Town proper)
  4.  Take a tricycle and inform the driver to take you to Miami Heat Beach Resort.


  1. Take north Luzon Expressway(NLEX) to Dau Exit
  2. Then proceed to SCTEX all the way up to Tipo Exit.
  3. Enter Subic (SBMA), passing by the airport.
  4. Exit at Morong gate
  5. Follow the Anvaya cove signage.
  6. Then go to Morong junction straight ahead to Gov. J.J Linao National Road
  7.  Turn right at waterfront rd.
  8. Then straight ahead to Miami Heat Beach Resort


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