Why Monkey Mic is the best for barkada bonding?

2016 was awesome, there’s a lot of restaurants, food hub and food park was newly opened around Metro Manila. Each has their own style, gimmick, and ideas on how to attract customers. Nowadays, millennials visit a variety of restaurants, take a picture of their food and share it to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Some of them called it food photography.  Aside from the café, restaurant and other types of food or dining services, Millennials also love some type of resto that they can drink a high-end beer, sing along, bond with friends and family and eat delicious but budget friendly food.

Monkey Mic KTV

So are you looking for affordable Family KTV ? Monkey Mic is on the top list.A novelty place located in Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.  Money Mic is a modern industrial  GASTROPUB KTV or a resto-bar which serves high-end food and beer.

Monkey Mic KTV

The lighting and the ambiance were so nice. You can feel that you’re in the high-class resto bar with very affordable packages and reasonable price.MONKEY MIC FAMILY KTV


Walked in on the last day of 2016 for a year and party and the crew immediately approach us with a smile and offering some seat while we’re waiting for our friends to arrive. I highly appreciate the gesture. Their crews are just one call away and very friendly. They will guide and ask if you need any assistance. One thing I’ve noticed is I don’t think if they have an ice melting detector, no need to call them to replace the ice, they automatically sense if your ice is already melted, hahaha.  Another thing I like the most is they got a skill in photography, So just ask the crew for taking photos or groupie and they will give you the best shot.

Rate and Price

Their food prices start at P120.00 and they also have packages starting from P1,000 good for 2 monkeys up to P5,000 good for 15 monkeys. They also have PARTY PACKAGES for 20 monkeys-30 monkeys with unlimited drinks. They term for people or per head is “monkey”,  5 monkeys are also equivalent for 5 people. So don’t be pissed off when they call you monkey. 🐵

Menu Monkey Mic KTV

Party Packages

Menu Monkey Mic KTV

We’re 12 pax so we chose the Fifteen monkeys package for four(4) hours cost 5,000 pesos. Set A, B, and C differs only in a food but has the same package when it comes to drinks, each set has 24 bottles of any local beer or 4 pitchers of cocktails. So we randomly picked a set and we decided to pick Set B.

I asked the server if we can mix the type of drinks in 24 bottles. He said it is okay to mix different types of drinks so we divide it by 6, 6 Red horse, 6 San Mig light, 6 Brew kettle and 6 San Miguel apple flavored beer.

Double Baked Cheese Mussels Platter - Monkey Mic

Your tongue can feel the sweet and sour luscious taste of margarine with chili in double baked cheese mussels platter.

Grilled Platter Monkey Mic KTV Grilled Platter Monkey Mic KTV

The serving size of the grilled platter is so big and the taste was so good but still, we didn’t deplete it even we have a mouth of 12. It has a corn, a pork and shrimp barbecue, a bacon roll with vegetable inside, and a grilled squid.

MONKEY MIC FAMILY KTV - Lasagna Monkey Mic

We’ve also tried their carbonara, a little bit stale when you smell, but it tasted good when you started to eat and you wouldn’t stop it unless it’s gone.

Aside from the foods and drinks, their KTV rooms are little bit crowdy if you’re 12-15 persons. I think they also have a much bigger room but we haven’t tried it yet. They used TJ Karaoke and the sounds system is good but not so sound-proof when you’re outside so you can hear other karaoke, you can also freely configure the mic echo, balance, bass and treble in amplifier which is not allowed in other KTV bars. The list of songs in the song book is not latest.


Overall my rating is 8/10. The location is so accessible and there’s a lot of PUV that passes by along congressional avenue if you don’t have a private car. You can also pass through Luzon avenue if you’re from Commonwealth and Visayas avenue if you’re from north EDSA. The foods taste so good yet affordable. The place and environment are clean. They also have a free parking space. Not sure when to go back, but chances are, definitely yes. I will recommend it to my other friends.


Instagram Photos

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The price, services and other information are subject to change.

For inquiries and reservations here’s their contact nos: GLOBE 0926-1674166 / SMART 0908-4708464 / LANDLINE 738-6711
Location: Blk 3 Lot 8 Congressional Ave. Ext., Brgy. Pasong Tamo, Q.C


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