Mt. Batolusong + Sangab Cave: Travel Guide, budget, itinerary and useful tips

Mt. Batolusong one of the beginner-friendly mountains located in the province of Rizal.  This marvelous mountain is popular and known for its Batanes-like grassland which is just 2 hours away from the busy city of Manila.

Mt Batolusong Guide

Mt. Batolusong travel guide

JUMP OFF: Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal.


DIFFICULTY: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3

FEATURES: Grassland slopes, views of Laguna, Rizal, and Quezon

BUDGET PER HEAD: PHP 500.00 – PHP 600.00

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Mt. Batolusong

Our adventure at Mt.Batolusong. 🏞 Short vid. Lodi Pet ni malou -> Aj Clyde

Posted by Benjoe Rivera Vidal on Sunday, November 5, 2017


  1. From Aurora Blvd, Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Antipolo Cogeo. Drop off at Cogeo Gate 2 or Cogeo public market.
  2. From Cogeo, walk to Cogeo City Mall(Jeep terminal) and ride a jeepney going to Barangay Sampaloc. Fare is PHP 42.00
  3. Drop off at Barangay San Andres.
  4. From there, ride a tricycle going to the jump-off area. Tell them that you are going to hike Mt. Batolusong.

Mt. Batolusong guide


We were both excited to hike this mountain after we watched the last month episode of “Maalala mo kaya” featuring Erich Gonzales conquering Mt. Batolusong. Yup, Mt. Batolusong was the chosen location by the show among several mountains in Tanay, Rizal. The extensive grassland and the view of neighboring provinces such as Laguna, Rizal, and Quezon made Mt. Batolusong popular to every hiker. Aside from these features, you can also take a side trip to several falls and caves nearby the mountain.


Mt. Batolusong

The alarm was all set and we both ready to conquer Mt. Batolusong. Aj and I go sleep early than usual and we woke up around 3:00 in the morning. I can’t manage to get up from the bed since I’m still drowning in drowsiness. Sorry guys, I’m not a morning person hahaha. We rode a jeep at Santolan near LRT station around 4:50 AM going to Cogeo, Antipolo. The travel time took only 15 minutes since there’s no traffic.  We arrived at Cogeo around 5:00 AM. Then from Cogeo, we rode a Jeepney going to Brgy. Sampaloc then tricycle going to Brgy. San Andres where the DENR office is located.


  • Register at DENR Office
  • Pay PHP 100.00 for the environmental, cultural and tourism fee.
  • Then look for the tour guide. You can pay after the hike.(PHP 500.00 Dayhike and PHP 1250.00 for overnight). Don’t forget the tip if they satisfy you guys 🙂 most of them have a good skill in photography so you can ask them if you want to take memorable photos during the hike.
  • If you have a car, the parking fee is PHP 20.00 – PHP 50.00.
  • Tents are also available for rent – PHP 200.00 each.

Mt. Batolusong Travel Guide

We started to trek around 6:30 AM, I thought the trail would be easy than Mt. Binacayan since I saw from the TV that it was just composed of grassland and the trail is not that steep. So, technically, it’s not. Yup! It’s not that easy as what I thought. Actually, even the first part going to what they called Duhatan Ridge which is the first peak and a campsite is really difficult. Aj was about to surrender but I forced her to continue.

Mt. Batolusong

One of the good things in Mt. Batolusong has a lot of water sources. As I noticed, there are two water sources in this mountain which as I remembered it is located near Duhatan Ridge and another one is near Mapatag plateau. Don’t forget to bring a water container or water bottle and refill it so you will not run out of water during the hike.

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There are also several knee-deep rivulets that you could pass through along the trail which is somewhat slippery.

Mt. Batolusong Guide

[easy-image-collage id=4068]

So, since there are a lot of small stream, mini falls, and creek along the trail, I grabbed the opportunity to take a silky water effect using the long exposure settings of Huawei P10. And I’m happy with the result 😀

After two hours of hiking, we have finally reached the Duhatan Ridge.  There’s a small store there selling Buko juice cost PHP 25.00 each. The view from the Duhatan Ridge is already stunning what more from the summit? So after minutes, we started to trek again.

Mt. Batolusong Guide

[easy-image-collage id=4063]

One of the reasons why we travel is because we meet a lot of friendly and like-minded people along our journey

Mt Batolusong
Giant red millipede

[easy-image-collage id=4064]

The trail of Mt. Batolusong is steeper compared to Mt. Binacayan. However, Mt. Binacayan have sharp limestones that makes it difficult to climb while Mt. Batolusong doesn’t have.

Some part of the trail is muddy so I highly suggest wearing hiking shoes. You can check quality hiking shoes at Lazada or at Amazon.

After the 1 hour of trekking, we have reached the Mapatag plateau  The trail going to Mapatag Plateau was quite easy and not as steep as the one going up to Duhatan ridge. The weather is moderate that time. The wind is blowing and cloudy, but there’s no rain. Mapatag plateau is basically a vast grassland where you could possibly compare to the stunning view of Batanes Island. The summit is just 30-45 minutes away from the grassland of Mapatag plateau.

MT. Batolusong Grassland
The obligatory oblation pose :p 😀

Mt. Batolusong grassland
Mapatag plateau

It was around 10:30 AM when we reached the summit of Mt. Batolusong. The breath-taking scenery captivated everyone. It was totally a hike-worthy mountain that I can recommend to newbie hikers. The view from the summit is just amazing not to share. From the top, you can see the Laguna De Bay, the wind turbine in Jala-Jala, Rizal, Morong, Binangonan, neighboring mountains and even the Masungi Geoserve in Baras, Rizal can be seen from the summit of Mt. Batolusong.

[easy-image-collage id=4066]

The wild blows heavily while the clouds slowly approaching us from the far distance indicating that it’s going to rain. We start to descent at exactly 11:30 AM.


It took us roughly 3 hours before we reach the base. After the hike, we headed to Sangab cave which is a small cave located at the base of the Mt. Batolusong. It was so satisfying after the long journey because of the cold and refreshing water coming from the Sangab Cave and there was no other group except to us.

[easy-image-collage id=4070]

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Cubao to Cogeo – PHP 25.00

Cogeo to Brgy. Sampaloc – PHP 42.00

Tricycle to Brgy San Andres(Jump off) –  PHP 60.00

Environmental, cultural and tourism fee – PHP 100.00

Guide fee – PHP 500.00(Dayhike) | 5:1 So PHP 100.00 per head for 5 persons. Overnight tour is PHP 1250.00

Tricycle going to Brgy Sampaloc – PHP 30.00

Brgy Sampaloc to Cogeo – PHP 42.00 

Cogeo to Cubao – PHP 25.00

Others(Snacks, water, etc) – PHP 150.00



3:00 AM Wake up | Preparation | Travel to Farmers Cubao.

4:00 AM Travel from Cubao to Cogeo, Antipolo

4:30 AM ETA at Antipolo(Cogeo Gate 2)

5:15 AM ETA Brgy Sampaloc(40-45 minutes travel time from Cogeo gate 2)

5:30 AM Tricycle to Brgy San Andress

6:00 AM Jump Off point: Preparation, Registration and acquire guide

6:30 AM Begin Trek

8:00 AM Duhatan Ridge

9:30 Mapatag Plateau.

10:00 ETA Summit | Early lunch | Viewing

11:30 AM Start Descent

2:00 PM Side trip to Sangab Cave | Swimming

3:00 PM Go back to jump off point

3:45 PM ETA Jump off point. Pack up. Logout. Head home


  • Bring a lot of water
  • Energy drink
  • Hand Gloves
  • Packed lunch(Optional). You can buy foods at carinderia nearby
  • Snacks
  • Sunblock
  • Garbage Bag(Leave no trace)
  • Extra clothes
  • Cameras(Actioncam, Phone, DSLR, etc)

Erich Gonzales pose :p


  • Pack light and bring enough water. 💧
  • Bring snacks/food (Chocolates, jelly, nuts, and etc)
  • There are shower rooms and toilets at the jump-off point
  • Hiking shoes is much better than wearing sandals.
  • There are sari-sari store and carideria at the jump-off point where you could have a breakfast or lunch.
  • Best time to start trekking is 4:00 – 5:00 AM so you can witness the sea of clouds before the sunrise.

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