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Nagsasa Cove – Just another budget-friendly beach located just a few kilometers from Manila. Nagsasa Cove arises due to the ashes from Mt. Pinatubo during its eruption 20 years ago. Unlike the misconception about Nagsasa Cove is an Island, Actually, Nagsasa Cove is a part of the mainland Zambales. Riding a boat is the easiest way to reach Nagsasa Cove and it would only take 45 minutes to 1 hour from Barangay Pundakit.

Nagsasa Cove And Potipot island
Capones Island

One thing that might discourage you is there’s no electricity or signal in Nagsasa Cove. But the best thing is you can just enjoy the beach and live the moments together with your friends physically away from the internet. 2 Days and 1 night in Nagsasa cove are really worth it. Nagsasa Cove is located in San Antonio, Zambales and it’s one of the now popular destinations every summer to the beach goers and travelers.


I’ve been to many beaches in other parts of Zambales and I must say that Nagsasa Cove is absolutely one of the best beaches I have visited in. Its powdery ash-fine sand beach and amazing vista really left me in awe.

Nagsasa Cove

Nagsasa Cove is campsite there is no accommodation in the area aside from setting up your own tent. There’s no electricity in Nagsasa Cove nor Signals just like in its neighbors, Anawangin Cove. Bonding and enjoying precious moments with friends without any distraction from your phone is one its advantages while mesmerizing its nature sublime.

Nagsasa Cove
Nagsasa Cove
Nagsasa Cove Travel Blog
Nagsasa Cove Guide
Nagsasa Cove
Nagsasa Cove Travel

You can really relax and think away from your everyday work life. Nagsasa Cove is definitely a must-visit beach and we want you to experience what we have experienced in Nagsasa Cove.

Potipot Island
Capones Island


You can either do DIY or join in a tour package. Many travel agencies across internet offers a budget-friendly package to Nagsasa Cove including a van and boat transfer, some of them also offer Cove to Cove hopping wherein you can visit Anawagin Cove, Talisayin Cove and other beaches in nearby. But if you want to go on a DIY tour here is the guide how to get into Zambales via commute.

Let’s assume that you are from Manila.

  1. Ride a bus bound to Iba, Zambales or Santa Cruz and drop off at San Antonio Public Market. The travel time is roughly 4-5 hours depending on the traffic. Bus fare is PHP 270. Victory Liner has a daily trip to Zambales from Cubao and Pasay.
  2. From Antonio Public Market, ride a tricycle to Pundaquit.
  3. From Barangay Pundaquit, you can rent a boat going to Nagsasa Cove. Travel time is 30-45 minutes.

Note: Always use Google Map or Waze to guide you, so you know when you drop off and you will not get lost.



4:00 AMETD Cubao | Victory Liner
9:00 AMEstimated time Arrival San Antonio, Zambales
9:15 AMRide a tricycle to Pundaquit
9:40 AMBoat to Nagsasa Cove
10:15 AMETA at Nagsasa Cove(Rent a Kubo)
10:30 AMBreakfast
11:00 AMWander around
11:30 AMPrepare for lunch, you can ask locals to cook food for you
12:00 NNLunch
1:00 PMPitch tent
1:30 PMFree time and Swimming
2:30 PMVisit Potipot Island
6:00 PMPrepare for dinner
7:00 PMDinner
9:00 PMStargazing


7:00 AMClimb hill
8:30 AMBreakfast
9:00 AMSwimming
10:00 AMShower and Pack up
10:30 AMBoat to Pundakit
11:00 AMEarly lunch
11:40 AMTricycle back to San Antonio
12:00 NNRide a bus going to Manila

You can also do sidetrips to Anawangin and Capones Island, just request it to the boatman.


  • Entrance Fee: P50 per pax
  • Overnight Fee: P100 per pax
  • Cottage rental for a whole day: P100 per cottage
  • Cottage rental for overnight: P200 per cottage
  • Tent Rental Fee: PHP 500 per tent


  • Water – Water is too pricey
  • Flashlight – There is no electricity there so better bring one.
  • Sunblock – To protect your skin from direct sunlight
  • Camera – To capture every spot and scenery
  • Bottle opener
  • Waterproof bag
  • Slippers


  • Swim and stroll along the beach
  • Hike to the vantage point
  • Stargazing
  • Go on a deep conversation with friends
  • Visit other coves and islands

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