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Whale shark in Oslob, Cebu – It’s been two years since the last time I saw this gentle giant in Oslob, Cebu. The first time I met them was extremely amazing and incredible, so I promise myself that I will go back to Cebu even how many times just to see these wonderful creatures.


We all know that whale sharks are the largest fish and the biggest of all sharks species on the planet. They are a slow-moving harmless shark and notable for its unique dotted pattern that serves as their identification just like a human fingerprint. Butanding or the whale shark is just one of the wonderful creatures that I’ve ever seen that up close in my life by far. Despite their physical attributes, they are actually friendly and harmless plankton-eaters.


How could I explain my experience swimming with the whale sharks? Well, the first time I tried swimming with them was so scary since they are really big and I couldn’t resist thinking that they could swallow me instantly. I still remember the last time(two years ago) we went to Oslob. Since I am so excited, I want to have a nice and clear picture with the whale shark, I decided to remove my life vest to get closer. I jump off the boat immediately to see whale shark up close because I don’t want to just sit on the boat and look to them from the top. As I swimming around looking for whale shark, I didn’t notice another whale shark on my right side with its wide mouth open coming to my direction. That was the first time I saw a fish tripled my size. So, I started panicking and I almost get drowned hahaha. Anyway, that was the best experience ever.

The boatman lures the whale shark to the line of watchers by giving food back and forth. When the whale shark is near our boat, we become excited and we all shout (Nandiyan na! nandiyan na!). It’s actually fun and exciting. However, there are also valid reasons why not swim with whale sharks. You can check my previous article here.


We went to Donsol, Sorsogon last April and I grab the opportunity to see the whale sharks since Donsol become synonymous with whale sharks as the world’s largest congregation of whale sharks are found here. Based on my own observation, whale sharks in Donsol are much bigger than the whale sharks in Oslob. However, whale sharks are known to migrate great distances. Based on my research, the natural season for the whale sharks in Oslob lasts for only 60 days. But due to the tourism business in Oslob, fishermen feed the whale sharks so they could stay in Oslob for much longer instead of moving on to other regions.

Whale shark in Oslob Cebu


Since there’s a lot of visitors and tourists who also visit Oslob to see the whale shark, you have to wake up as much as early in the morning because you have to register and take the orientation first before going to your designated boat. The orientation lasts about 10-15 mins. They will orient visitors to not touch the whale shark, sun cream/sunblock or other chemicals that will harm the whale sharks is also prohibited.



  • From Cebu City, head to South Bus Terminal and ride a Ceres bus going to Bato via Liloan.
  • Tell to the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Tan-Awan in Oslob for whale shark watching. The estimated travel time is around 3 hours.
  • Use google map or Waze to guide you on your way going to Oslob


For less hassle, I recommend getting a travel agency or get a joiners package. You can book a Cebu tour through our Facebook page.


I highly suggest booking an overnight stay in Oslob since whale shark watching activity starts as early as 5:00 in the morning. You can check the list of the hotel below:


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