South Cebu Adventure: Why Pescador Island is a perfect diving spot in Cebu

– Pescador Island, Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines 

Are you a diving enthusiast? or you are just fond of seeing Marine life? Another breathtaking underwater view that you should try is no other than Pescador Island. Here’s some reason why this island is a perfect diving spot in Cebu. 

Why Pescador Island is perfect diving spot in Cebu


We left our hotel in Cebu City around 5:30 AM, After almost 2 hours of travel, we finally arrived in Moalboal proper around 7:30 AM, the island that we first visited was the Pescador Island. Pescador Island is a small island and part of the municipality of Moalboal located in the Tañon straight, it’s approximately a 20-30 minute boat ride from Panagsama beach. The abundance of giant sardine ball, a once in awhile opportunity to see the sea turtles and stunning coral reefs made Pescador island popular for divers and snorkelers around the world. It is also considered as a famous marine park in Cebu.

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With over thousands of fish and a very rich marine life that you can see at its bottom are the reasons why Pescador island is a perfect diving spot Cebu. Since a few corals and small fishes are only be seen by just snorkeling, I highly suggest scuba diving so you can see more different species of fish and coral reefs. The deeper you dive the more beautiful marine life you’ll see.

Why Pescador Island is perfect diving spot in Cebu


After 20 minutes snorkeling in Pescador Island, we went to Talisay to spot sea turtles and sardine run. The huge and dark spot that you can see in the photo below is actually a cluster of sardines, I was amazed by them because they didn’t depart from each other, they are synchronized. It seems like it was a deeper part of the sea at first because of its darkness but then I realized it was a plethora of fish swimming beneath the sea. The area is protected by the municipality of Moalboal and net fishing is prohibited. This amazing sight of Marine life proves that Moalboal and Pescador island is truly a perfect diving spot in Cebu.

Why Pescador Island is perfect diving spot in Cebu
Cluster of Sardines

Why Pescador Island is perfect diving spot in Cebu

We came back at the Moalboal Market around 10:30 AM to take some lunch before we go to Badian for a canyoneering.

Why Pescador Island is perfect diving spot in Cebu
Our group photo after snorkeling

Why Pescador Island is perfect diving spot in Cebu

Why Pescador Island is perfect diving spot in Cebu

At first, I thought the sardines can be only found in the middle of the sea but as you can see in the photo above, the distance of our boat from the shore was pretty close than I expected.



Seeing thousands or probably millions of sardines, sea turtles and amazing coral reefs are such a wonderful experience for us. Hopefully, this blog will give you ideas about the diving spot in Cebu. I haven’t explored other part of Pescador Island but luckily, we captured some of the best scenes under the water and I know it has something more to offer.  I don’t have an underwater camera but my friends have. Our tour guide is so nice, we ask him if it’s okay to dive deeper using my friend’s GoPro and then he captured this beautiful species. As a result:


  • Camera
  • Snorkeling Mask/goggles
  • Aqua shoes
  • Float vest
  • Swim Cap
  • Rash Guard
  • Fins


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Thank you for reading 🙂


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