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Weekend Wanderer: Day trip to Pililla Wind Farm

Pililla Windfarm tanay

Pililla Windfarm – why traveling for almost 10 hours for Bangui Ilocos if Pililla Rizal has their own wind farm? No need to travel that far to see it. Yes! and it’s just two hours away from Manila. Spectacular view of Laguna de Bay can be seen from the top of the hills through Pililla wind farm. It is undoubtedly another great place in Rizal that is worth to visit. It is also one of the instagrammable places to visit near Manila.

Pililla Wind Farm


We are planning to visit Pililla wind farm since last year but we haven’t got a chance to go there because we are too busy with our schedules and we have a preset date for our travels. So, three weeks ago, we saw a package tour posted by Hitch travel and tours and we decided to add Tanay, Rizal tour with a side trip to Pililla windfarm to our schedule. If you want to see windmill plus a beautiful view of the lake and mountains, I highly suggest to plan your trip now at Pililla wind farm. 

Pililla Wind farm


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A little trivia, did you know that the company behind Bangui Ilocos wind farm is the same as the company operates Pililla wind farm? This wind farm is located at Brgy. Halayhayin, Pililla, Rizal and operates by Alternergy Wind One Corp. Currently, there are a total of 27 towers on full operation.

Pililla Wind Farm

Pililla wind farm is best to visit in the morning and afternoon before the sunset.

Pililla windfarm

We left Cubao around 4:45 AM and we arrived at Pililla wind farm at exactly 7:00 AM. I was amazed by its huge renewable fans that lying on the hill top of Pililla. The same feeling I felt when I saw the Bangui wind mill in Ilocos. I immediately look for my boyfriend’s camera and started to take photos.

Pililla Wind farm

Pililla Wind farm



For a less hassle tour, there are a lot of travel agency that includes Pililla Wind farm as part of their itinerary. I highly recommend Hitch Travel & Tours. They deserved a 5/5 star for our organize trip and for their accommodation and excellent services as well. They offer great travel packages at affordable price. Their customer service is great and very promptly.

You can book a reservation through their Facebook Page at this link.

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Pililla wind farm
Pililla Wind farm windmill


You are inside a private renewable energy facility. So AlterEnery expects that you will following their safety guidelines.

  1. Observe speed limit of 30 kph.
  2. Drones and kites are not allowed in the wind farm
  3. Strictly NO SMOKING
  4. for group tours, the coordinator shall be inducted first by AlterEnergy safety officer prior to unloading.
  5. Guests should avoid straying away from the group
  6. Going near the cliff is strictly prohibited
  7. Safety warning signs shall be followed strictly. Do not go near areas with caution tape.
  8. Do not leave your children and belongings unattended.
  9. Maintain cleanliness of surroundings at all times.
  10. Practice driving is strictly prohibited.

AlterEnergy will not be responsible for any untoward incident caused by violation of these safety rules.

There are several stores there who sells souvenirs such as a wood crafted windmill, t-shirt, pins and ref magnet.


Via public transportation: 

  • From StarMall crossing(EDSA), ride a van going to Tanay
  • The fare will cost around Php 70.00 ($5.90)
  • Drop off at Jollibee before the public market
  • You can charter a tricycle going to Pililla((Usually, the fare is Php. 300.00). Make sure you negotiate for a roundtrip cost.


Happy Wandering!

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Pililla Wind farm

Have you been to Pililla Wind Farm, share your thoughts through the comment section below.


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