POTIPOT ISLAND: Ultimate DIY Budget Travel Guide and Itinerary

Potipot Island, Zambales – Off the coast of Zambales is a small Island called Potipot or literally means “Small white sand”. This is just one of the 7000+ stunning islands in the Philippines.

Potipot Island


We all know that there are many beautiful beaches Zambales can offer. It has the Crystal Beach Resort, Nagsasa Cove, Anawangin Cove, Capones, Magalawa, and Hermana Mayor to name a few, but Potipot Island is maybe on the top of our list. The first time I saw the image of Potipot island on the internet, I promised to myself that I will step into this island no matter how far is it. Potipot Island is a perfect summer destination for everyone. For those people who are in a tight budget but looking for a great place to relax. We highly recommend visiting Potipot Island in Candelaria Zambales. Cheap, peaceful, and tranquil.


Before our guesting at DZMM Teleradyo, we’ve already planned to visit more beaches this year. The first in the bucket list was the Crystal Beach Resort also located in Zambales. Unfortunately, they cannot accommodate the guests as it’s already full. So we changed our plan and we look for other beaches in Zambales. We end up with Potipot Island after we saw the post from a travel group. It’s absolutely a paradise, a small circular-shaped island emerged from the middle of the sea.

We went to Victory Liner bus terminal in Cubao hoping that there’s a bus that bounds to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Unfortunately, their route is only bound to Olongapo and we don’t want to do a double trip. We asked them what bus terminal offers a route going to Sta, Cruz, Zambales and we’ve been told to go to Pasay. When we reached Victory Liner bus terminal in Pasay, a bunch of passengers waiting around the area and it seems like they already have a reserved seat.

We left Victory Liner in Pasay around 12:30 AM. It was a long journey until we reached Barangay Uacon town of Candelaria in Zambales. We alight in front of Petron Gasoline station and we were greeted by Kuya Rapoy. A woman asked me if we have a companion since they were only two. We’ve been suggested to join them since it will also benefit us dividing the boat rental fee. It only took us approximately 5-8 minutes to reach Potipot Island from the mainland. That small island from afar sight gives us an overwhelming visual delight, making our 6-7 hours trip totally worth it.

A gentle breeze welcomes us upon arrival to this charming and peaceful little tropical island off the coast of Candelaria.


There are many reasons why you should pay a visit to Potipot Island.

Potipot Island is paradise – Yes! it’s definitely a paradise for beachgoers and travelers because of its pristine and unspoiled powdery white sand beach. Its astounding circular-shaped island emerged in the midst of the sea can be explored in minutes. This is really a must-visit destination in Zambales.

Not crowded – Another thing we like in Potipot Island is it’s not that crowded or maybe it’s not a peak season when we get there but based on my research, I haven’t read any related article that it’s crowded. We went there last early February this year, so I think that was the best time to visit Potipot Island. Don’t go there during the holy week, it might be crowded.

Experience camping with friends in a secluded island – Yes! let’s admit that! It’s more fun together with friends and loved ones. If you haven’t experience camping before, Potipot Island is perfect for you to experience camping in paradise.

Lastly, they have a clean and well maintained CR – It’s really comfortable for the most of us especially if there’s a clean CR. Aside from being clean, it’s also safe for changing clothes.


There are many ways to enjoy Potipot Island without breaking your wallet.

Beach bumming – Of course! this is probably the best thing to do in Potipot since the entire island is surrounded by powdery sand beaches and clear waters.

Photoshoot (Of course) – There are numerous spots in Potipot great for photo ops. The Island is so beautiful that you could not resist capturing photos. It will surely the best souvenir that will last a lifetime.

Snorkel – Bring your snorkeling gear and dive into turquoise blue waters of Potipot. You will surely enjoy the marine life in its underwater world.

Kayaking -Experience and wander within the beach vicinity through kayak.

Soundtrip and Relax – If you don’t want to feel the scorching sun, you can just stay inside your tent then play a piece of good music then relax. Potipot is serene where you can just sit and relax while listening to the melody of the waves.

Stargazing – If you are lucky enough you can witness the magical Milky way under the night sky. Watch the millions of glittering stars above while having a deep conversation with friends.


Via commute

  • Ride a Victory liner bus bounds to Sta. Cruz Zambales in Caloocan or Pasay. Fare is PHP 486($ 9.39) as of February 2019. (We left Pasay at 12:30 AM and we arrived at Uacon around 6:45 AM, travel time is 6 hours)
  • Alight in Barangay Uacon in front of Petron Gasoline station. There’s a waiting shed where you can hire tricycles to bring you to the port. Fare PHP 15, travel time is approximately 15 minutes.
  • Once you reach the port, hire a boat to take you to Potipot Island (Fare: PHP 400, travel time is 5-8 minutes)

Via private vehicle

You can use Waze or google map and point it to Uacon, the town of Candelaria, Zambales. Parking fee is PHP 100 per day.


Actually, you can stay at Potipot Island overnight by camping. But if you want a more comfortable place to sleep, we can suggest other hotels and resort near the Island.


This budget is only applicable for 4 pax and prices may vary depending on rates and fares. This is also applicable if you stick on a less then 150 budget for food. Since Aj and I have a baon, it really helped us to lessen the expenses for food. We’ve met also our newly found friends on the island so we decided to divide the food budget into 4. Sometimes we were assigned for the lunch then the other was assigned on dinner, we really saved a lot.

Victory liner bus to barangay Uacon, Candelaria486
Tricycle to port15
Boat transfer – 400 / 4100
Entrance fee with free kayak500
Tent pitching200
Food budget / Contribution300
Tricycle from uacon to bus terminal 200/450
Bus to Manila(Cubao)490

Note: The actual expenses for this is roughly PHP 2500 – PHP 2600, we didn’t include expenses for our baon and other fares until you reach home.



Below is our suggested itinerary.

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Day 1 – 10 PMMeet up at Pasay
11:00 PMRide a victory liner bus
12:30MNETD Victory Liner pasay
6:30 AMETA Barangay Uacon
6:40 AMRide a tricycle going to the port
7:00 AMETA at the port
7:05 AMHire a boat going to Potipot Island
7:20 AMETA at Potipot Island
7:25 AMRegistration
7:30 AMSet up camp
7:45 AMBreakfast
8:15 AMExplore the Island / Swimming
11:00 AMPrepare for lunch
12:00 NNLunch time
1:00 PMFree time / Photo ops
5:00 PMPrepare for dinner
6:00 PMDinner
7:00 PMSocials/Party/Drink
10:00 PMLights out/ Sleep
6:00 AMWake up
7:00 AMBreakfast
8:00 AMExplore the island / Photo ops
11:00 AMPack up / Prepare for lunch
12:00 NNLunch
2:00 PMETD Manila
9:00 PMHome



Entrance fee is PHP 500 per pax or $ 9.66 with free kayak for 2 hours. They have small tent cost PHP 200 and PHP 300 for the larger one. But if you’re planning to bring a tent, you still have to pay PHP 200 for the corkage fee so you would probably prefer to just rent one instead of bringing your own tent.

BASIC NIPA HUT – It comes with one bedroom with beddings and a place for dining. Good for 2 people but can extend up to 4 with extra mattress. Rate is PHP 2000 or $ 38.63.

OPEN CABANA – can be a place to dwell overnight for two to three people. The difference between basic nipa hut is you can open and close the window in the open cabana. The rate is also PHP 2000 or $ 38.63.

MODERN – Modern tree-house type kubo with place for dining and one bedroom, complete with beddings and fan. Rate is PHP 2500 or $ 48.29.

There are several sari-sari stores in the island where you can ask for ‘Paluto. They also have a variety of can goods and other kinds of stuff that can be found in a typical sari-sari store for a very affordable price. You will not believe if I say our breakfast on the second day only cost us PHP 120 and it satisfies four people. May tira pa! hahah


PASAY CITY4:00 AMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)4:30 AMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)7:30 AMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)8:30 AMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)9:30 AMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)10:30 AMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)12:30 PMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)1:30 PMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)3:00 PMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)5:30 PMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)8:00 PMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)9:39 PMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES
CALOOCAN CITY (EXPRESS)11:55 PMRegular AirconSan Fernando / LubaoSTA. CRUZ, ZAMBALES

Aside from Victory Liner, there are several bus company offer a route going to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. You can book here.

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  • Food
  • Water
  • Tent
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Sunblock Lotion
  • Extra Clothes
  • Medicine


  • Travel time from Pasay to Barangay Uacon is approximately 6-7 hours depends on the traffic.
  • If you want to buy some goods, you can visit the public market first, but we highly suggest to bring your own to avoid hassles.
  • You can rent kitchen utensils such as a ladle, frying pan, spoon, fork, and pot from Kuya Rapoy’s wife for only PHP 200($3.87)
  • You can bring your own tent but there’s a corkage fee of PHP 200. We suggest to leave your tent and rent one in Potipot Island to reduce your things.
  • Tent rental fee is PHP 200 for a normal tent and PHP 300 for a larger tent which can comfortably fit-in 3 pax.
  • There are several sari-sari stores in the island where you can ask for paluto.
  • There’s one restaurant on the island.
  • Para mas makatipid, we suggest to bring some in-can goods or bring some ready to cook foods.
  • You can ask bangkero to bring you to a nearby island like Hermana Mayor.
  • Boat rental fee is 400 per group, but if you’re coming for two, I suggest to join other groups to lessen your expenses.
  • You can tour the whole island for about 20-30 minutes only.
  • There’s an available grilling area on the island.
Potipot Island


Our contact is Kuya Rapoy Hermogino, he is a boat owner and he operates tour going to Potipot Island.

His contact number is: 09106147887

His wife contact number: 09158018101


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Potipot Island

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