12 Reasons Why Singapore Is Must-Visit for Female Travelers

Singapore, the city of entertainment, of gardens, and of culture and beauty, is one of the safest Asian destinations for women. As a solo female traveler, you can do all the touristy things solo travelers are usually warned not to do – gawking at products, taking pictures, and stopping to consult maps. You can be yourself and still remain safe while in Singapore. Here’s why Singapore is a must-visit destination for solo female travelers.

  1. A Safe, Safe City for Women

Apart from the occasional petty crime, serious crime is still rare in Singapore. You don’t hear stories of young women travelers getting raped or murdered there. Singapore has one of the world’s lowest crime rates. The country has more than its share of rules and regulations and most people don’t think of flouting them. Litter, jaywalk or chew gum, and you pay a fine. Don’t worry about pickpockets, or about eve teasers. Don’t carry loads of cash on your person to tempt potential thieves, but don’t be scared either.  Even if you want to walk beyond normal tourist haunts, you can do it by yourself, even in the nights. Feel free to be yourself, take pictures and do all the touristy things you’d otherwise be too scared to do – just because you can.

  1. Intriguing Diversity

One of Singapore’s most absorbing aspects is its multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-tiered diversity. We don’t see so many cultures coexisting smoothly in other countries. The cultural deposits of Little India and Chinatown are ideal for shopping, sightseeing, plentiful hearty fare, and souvenirs for back home. On a biodiversity level, Singapore has rivers, lakes, waterfalls, the sea, mountains, gardens, beaches that you will love.

Singapore native

  1. A Cultural Feast

Singapore has several beautiful old temples, churches, old colonial buildings and lovely Merlion sculptures, all famed for their architecture.  There are museums, libraries and various cultural institutions and art galleries. The National Art Museum is a not-to-miss attraction, while the Singapore Botanical Gardens is a feast for the eyes and for the soul. If you’re a culture vulture head to the Peranakan Museum for a study on Singapore’s vibrant Peranakan community. Check out The Intan, the Fort Siloso and other culturally main areas.

  1. A Very Stylish City

Fashion and style are important to the woman on the go and Singapore is very satisfying to the soul of a stylish woman. Singaporeans are a very stylish people; some are conservatively so, but the whole of Singapore reverberates with an eclectic style element that is very uplifting. The streets, buildings, parks, and attractions are all stylishly executed as well. Leave those muddy sneakers at home when you’re off gallivanting in Singapore, ladies. Put on your glad togs, albeit comfy ones, and show off your style element. The city deserves it! Get your Visa today and book your tickets to this incredible city.

  1. Excellent Connectivity

Internet connectivity can be found everywhere, in all public areas. That’s one of Singapore’s best features. You’ll find Wi-Fi connectivity at museums, libraries, and theaters; at cafes, hotels and youth hostels. Even busy public parks and areas which see heavy tourist traffic such as the Marina Bay Sands, Clarke Quay, and the Esplanade also offer free Wi-Fi services.

  1. Safe, Thorough and Reliable Public Transport

All forms of public transport in Singapore work like a dream. The city offers excellent bus and subway facilities plus the MRT which reaches every corner. Procure a tourist pass and you can hop on and off transports happily across the city. All you need is a thorough map of public transport routes and you can be as independent as you like. The underground stations offer plenty of security, hidden cameras and are well lit. the local population uses the bus stops heavily, so there’s no chance of being caught alone anywhere. However, if you want to go out at night, you’ll need taxis and they are expensive, though safe. Public transports shut down early.

  1. Fun Galore!

Singapore is all about fun; get on the Singapore Flyer and enjoy thrilling views from the top. Arrive at Sentosa Island theme park by cable car from Faber Peak. Pay for the attractions you want to enjoy and have a day of unbeatable fun watching exciting shows and enjoying immersive rides. Enjoy bumming on a manmade beach, watch a parrot show and stroll through the spice garden. Explore the Underwater World, the Universal Studios, or opt for a screaming flight on a zip line at the Megazip Adventure Park.

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  1. Foodie World

Singapore is famous for its mix of fine dining and excellent street cuisine. If you don’t want to shell out big bucks, head out to one of the many food courts located on the ground levels of department stores.  Or head to a foodie street, such as Clarke Quay or Chinatown or Little India. You can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines at these places – Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, European, and many more. If you don’t mind a bit of hustle and bustle you can have yourself a good meal for USD 5. Want seafood? Try the fish head coconut curries in Little India or one of the Italian or Greek seafood restaurants. Arab Street offers excellent Muslim cuisine that’s not to be missed.

  1. The Best Zoo And Best Night Safari In The World

The Night Safari is located next to the massive Singapore Zoo. Enjoy the hour-long tram safari, and then head out on foot on the 6 available nature trails. The nocturnal animals are divided into 6 geographic zones ranging from the Himalayan Foothills to Ethiopia. Enjoy watching rhinos walk next to the tram and leopards glaring from behind trees. The Singapore Zoo houses hundreds of animal species from all over the world, including rare ones like the white tiger. One of the cutest things about the zoo is breakfasting with orangutans.

  1. Spectacular Vistas

Wherever you go, you’re greeted by incredible panoramic views. Check out the fabulous views of the city from Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Sentosa Cable Car and other fabulous vantage points. Enjoy walking along the historical Clarke Quay for a view of both quays with the river alongside, backed by high rise buildings.

  1. Greenery Beyond Belief

Singapore isn’t called the Garden City for nothing. There are many green oases in the city such as the MacRitchie Reservoir Park which has a wonderful suspended bridge and great forest action. Check out the very impressive Singapore Botanic Gardens, which has an award-winning orchid garden. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a must for any nature lover, as are the Chinese and Japanese Gardens.

  1. Shopping Ahoy!

No woman could visit Singapore and come back barehanded. Visit Orchard Road first – it’s full of stores that sell everything from top-tier designer fashion to high-street brands to cheap electronics. Chinatown is ideal for picking up Chinese herbs, tea, jewelry, silk, and souvenirs. Visit the Yue Hwa Chinese Products shop at the corner of Eu Tong Sen and Upper Cross Street. Explore its five levels of items from ginger-flavored candy to embroidered silk mandarin jackets to lovely Chinese ceramic tea sets. Little India is great for ethnic Indian clothes and jewelry. Visit Arab Street for Arabian fashion, jewelry and carpets.


Singapore is a place that can satisfy a solo woman traveler at many levels. It’s a dream-come-true city for the shopper, the culture lover, the artist and the nature lover. If you’re all of these, you’ll never want to fly back from Singapore. Plus, it is a tourist destination, so you’re bound to meet many other solo female travelers. Enjoy yourself on your travels and be sure to plan another trip to Singapore soon.


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  1. Singapore has always been in my must-visit list every since I worked as a sales rep for SilkAir. The city is just downright stunning. But is there a scuba diving and rock climbing scene there? That is something I’m checking out considering that my partner and I are more inclined to explore the outdoors.

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