#SagadangTulong (Travel for a cause)

Way back December 2014, my college buddies and I had visited Sagada in Mountain Province. And since we weren’t able to visit all the spots, we planned to travel there again. Until I found a post in When In Manila, which offers a 2D1N tour in Sagada.

#SAGADANGTULONG is a travel for a cause event that gives an opportunity to donate school supplies for the indigenous students, as well as to enjoy the beauty of famous and soulful Sagada. Since I believe that it was legit(because it was posted by WIM), and offers at an affordable price, I didn’t hesitate to message the organizer. The event fee includes RT van transfer, meals, accommodation, event id, t-shirt, and bag tag. In line with this, we were required to bring some school supplies for donations. I also asked my friends for some donations and I’m so glad that some of them donated. <3

Day 1

Banaue Rice Terraces

Travel time from Manila to Banaue is almost 8hrs. We reach the Banaue at 6 am and ate breakfast there. It was raining that morning and foggy so we haven’t enjoyed the view of Rice Terraces. Be ready for the cold weather! 😀 Bring jacket, scarf, bonnet or something that will make you feel warm.

Sagada Town Proper

Travel time from Banawe to Sagada is about 3hrs, and it takes a lot of bumpy, narrow and zigzag roads along the way. But our trip makes it all worth it once you reach the Sagada town proper 🙂

View from our room 🙂

We took some rest and then the travelers went to Sumaguing Cave for an ultimate spelunking experience! And yes, we didn’t join because once is enough. It was one of the most difficult activities I’ve done so far. So my group decided to walk from Sumaguing to our lodge house to take some pics 😀

Way to Sumaguing Cave

[easy-image-collage id=2728]

Lake Danum

After their spelunking, we took some rest to prepare ourselves for the bonfire in Lake Danum. It was a super cold night and the bonfire has didn’t effect coz’ still I was feeling cold. If you’re planning to stay at Lake Danum, you need to prepare yourself for a cold ambiance there 🙂 Then all of the byaheroes gathered around the bonfire and introduce each other. One of the best parts of the event is to gain new friends 🙂 Around 9 pm, we headed back to the town proper, ate dinner and rest early to prepare for the next day adventure.

Day 2

Kiltepan View

We woke up as early as 4 am to get the last ride going to Kiltepan. Arriving there, we look for a spot to witness the sea of clouds. And it was the coldest place I’ve been so far! I wore my jacket, long socks, and bonnet but still, I felt too cold! It’s like 0 degrees there. There are stores selling hot foods, like Arroz Caldo, Mami, and Champorado for breakfast and ease the cold temperature. We stayed there for 2hrs and unfortunately, we didn’t see the sea of clouds, but we still enjoy the tour in Kiltepan.

Echo Valley, Hanging Coffin, Underground River, Bokong Falls

After eating breakfast, we headed to Echo Valley to start our trekking up to Bokong Falls. It was my 2nd time to visit Echo Valley and Hanging Coffin, but we still enjoyed our trekking. 🙂 And we’re new to Underground River which I took a hard time to cross the river coz’ some rocks were slippery.

Way to Echo Valley

New friends 🙂

Heading back to the lodge house, we took some rest and prepared for our main event, the outreach program. ^_^


Our group was divided into 6 and was assigned to different schools. We were assigned to Ambasing Elementary School.

School supplies donations 🙂

Each group was assigned a task, and we were in the distribution of donations.

[easy-image-collage id=2749]

I can’t explain how happy I am after giving that donation to the school children. Because in a simple way we made them happy. I felt so overwhelmed seeing those smiles on their faces. It was my first time to join an outreach program like this and it was a great experience indeed. We’ve met new friends, explored the beauty of Sagada, and helped other people in one event. I’m looking forward to the next Ph Project81 🙂

Kudos to all byaheroes who has been a part of this event and to those organizers who made this to happen.

#toTravelIsToShare #PhProject81 #byaheroes

Riza Francisco
Hi, I'm Riza. I'm a full time mobile developer, and a part time traveller 😊 I love to travel as much as i can and to explore new things. Travelling is my stress reliever.

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  1. Hi po! Were planning also to have an outreach in Sagada, We wanted also a school but we don’t have acquaintances or contact. Can you help us? Thanks


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