National Museum of Natural History Manila
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A Must Visit: Newly-Opened National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History, Manila – Some people in this generation may not see the significance of what they can learn inside the museum. Some of them, especially millennials were certainly attached to the social media that they sometimes forgot to explore the real world. Aside from contemporary arts, the museum is also rich in history and it promotes our…

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National Museum Guide
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A Must Visit: National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology houses different kinds of prehispanic artifacts like burial jars, weapons, and armory, crafts from the various ethnolinguistic groups and indigenous people, weaving looms, fabrics, native costumes, porcelain, ceramics, musical instruments, ancient writing script, and accessories. Before, I thought that all of the item being exhibited in the National Museum was just located in one building. …

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Pinto Art Museum Guide
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Pinto Art Museum Guide: An Art Haven in Antipolo

Pinto Art Museum Guide – Are you an art enthusiast or you’re just looking for an IG-worthy place where you can wear your best #OOTD with a background surrounded by awesome paintings and artworks. I think this place might you looking for. A Santorini inspired museum located in the heart of Antipolo City. Pinto Art Museum exhibiting a combination of contemporary…

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