Isdaan Floating Restaurant – Wanted to visit Thailand but can’t afford? Well…honestly this restaurant will make you feel that you are in Thailand. Located in Calauan Laguna, Isdaan Floating Restaurant is probably just one of the most visited restaurant in Laguna due to its unique Thai-inspired design. This is not only a restaurant but also considered as a tourist destination in the province of Laguna.

Isdaan Floating Restaurant Laguna
Isdaan Floating Restaurant Laguna


Isdaan Floating restaurant is owned by Barrio Fiesta, one of the finest restaurant here in the Philippines so expect the foods are worth-a-try. Aside from photo ops with Thai-inspired statues, there are several activities that you can also try in Isdaan Floating Restaurant.

  • You can ride a boat for free
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Fishing
  • Smashing plates, mugs, and appliances on the wall
  • Watch entertaining performances.
  • Feed the fishes
  • Lastly, bring your camera as there so many picturesque spots inside the restaurant.
Isdaan Floating Restaurant Laguna
Isdaan Floating Restaurant Laguna

One thing that really disappoints us is their poor customer service. I think that is because of the number of customers entering the restaurant that causes a hustle to all their staffs. Their crews might not really enough to serve all the customers. I heard that they have more than 200 tables, so imagine how large that restaurant is. Honestly, we’ve waited for about 30 minutes for just a pitcher of water, while our order took almost 1 hour to be served. Nonetheless, we just decided to wander around while waiting for our orders to be served. But when we talk about the place, they are excellent by giving the customers a unique ambiance and experience.

Isdaan Floating Restaurant Laguna
Isdaan Floating Restaurant Laguna


  • Go early to avoid the long queue of customer
  • Ask for an advance bill out because it would really take time again and might also disappoint you, especially when you are in a hurry.
  • There is a big Buddha in the farthest part of the restaurant.
  • You can try fishing and take out the fish you’ve caught for PHP 400.
  • Calauan Isdaan floating restaurant is located along the highway so you can easily get there.
  • You can wear Muslim traditional costumes in the waiting area.



  1. Ride a bus(HM Transport) bound to Sta Cruz, Laguna
  2. Ask the driver to drop you off at Isdaan Floating restaurant.

Despite the poor service we have encountered, we still enjoyed our experience at Isdaan Floating Restaurant.

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  1. Based on what i read in Facebook, There’s details about entrance fee? if there’s have an Entrance fee how much is it? Thanks. I hope you will understand my concern because we planned to go but we think about entrance fee and also tell me in details about what we can do. Thanks Again

    • Entrance is FREE of Charge po, just enter on the restaurant, order on their menu and then you can wander around and takes photos each and every corner of the place with no limit


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