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We had a memorable overnight camping last week at the treasure mountain. One of the newest attraction located in Tanay, Rizal. We all know that the majority of Rizal province is composed of marvelous and contiguous mountains which is a favorite hiking destination, especially for beginners. Treasure mountain is also best for a family since it doesn’t require you to go on a trek. Treasure mountain trail is not that steep and you can even reach it with a car. In fact, you can reach the mountaintop even without hiking it. It’s very accessible by vehicles. Treasure mountain will only take 30-45 minutes walk from the Sitio Maysawa circuit jump off point or 15 minutes by riding a tricycle. One of the reasons why city dwellers visit treasure mountain is because of its stunning sea of clouds.

treasure mountain

The first time I saw a sea of clouds at Mt. Pulag was the moment that I realized that it shouldn’t be the last time I will go hiking. I couldn’t just imagine how a bubble of clouds formed, layering the half of the mountains that can be viewed from above.

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Actually, treasure mountain is not the only mountain that offers a sea of clouds in Tanay. Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Batolusong have it also. But if you’re looking for a wide-ranging and effortless way to witness a sea of clouds near Manila. I think treasure mountain is definitely for you.

Last week, Aj and I visited Treasure mountain to witness the majestic sea of clouds. However, we were so unlucky to witness the exquisite beauty of the said event since the wind blows heavily from the time we arrived until the next day morning. It should be our first time together to witness a sea of clouds but at the end of the day, we saw nothing but a bunch of people gathering together who are also really excited to witness the phenomenon.

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We arrived at Sitio Maysawa Circuit around 4:30 AM. From there, we rode a tricycle going up to the treasure mountain. The majority of the road was rocky and not paved.

It lasted about 15 minutes then you will be dropped off at the entrance where you must log-in and pay the entrance and other fees. The darkness already seizing the light when we reached the pavilion located at the mountaintop. It was too cold and the wind is blowing strongly so we immediately started to pitch our tent. It took about 30-45 minutes before we have successfully pitched our tent. A bone-chilling mist clung to every surface until the next day morning. Super lakas ng hangin! It’s already 1:00 AM when our tent poles suddenly shredded due to strong wind. We have no choice but to rebuild it again while everyone was still asleep. Unfortunately, the tent poles were already broken so we end up sleeping inside and make it a blanket. Pero hindi na talaga kami nakatulog hahah. Tent na naging Kumot? πŸ˜‚

6: 00 AM, It’s cloudy but still windy, there’s no sign of showing the sea of clouds. Though we did not witness the sea of clouds, we were still not disappointed since there are a lot of picture perfect spot around the area plus it requires no hike. Hindi naman kami napagod so Ayos lang! Meron pa kaming babalikan πŸ˜€

treasure mountain

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So below is our complete travel guide to Treasure Mountain.


Treasure mountain is located in Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal


  • From Cubao, ride a jeepney that bounds to Cogeo gate 2 via Marcos highway. Fare is PHP 25.00
  • From Cogeo gate 2, walk along Olalia Rd. until you reach the jeepney terminal going to Sampaloc near City Mall of Antipolo. The fare is PHP 45.
  • Get off at Sitio Maysawa Circuit jump off. It’s 15-20 minutes from Masungi georeserve. From there, you can either take a walk or ride a tricycle. It will take 30-45 minutes of walk to reach treasure mountain while 15 minutes when you ride a tricycle. The fare is PHP 50.


  • You can ride a Jeep that bound to Tanay along Ortigas extension. The fare is PHP 47.
  • There is also a jeep terminal near EDSA Shaw Parklea beside Starmall EDSA Crossing.
  • Drop off at Tanay Public Market, then ride another jeep going to Sampaloc. Fare is PHP 28
  • From Sampaloc, ride a jeep bound to Cogeo and drop-off at Sitio Maysawa Circuit. The fare is PHP 23.


  • It’s just an hour away if you take the Marcos highway route going to Cogeo.
  • Go straight to Marilaque highway and follow the road until you reach Sitio Maysawa Circuit
  • You will pass Palo Alto, Boso-boso resort and Masungi georeserve.
  • Sitio maysawa is on the left side.
  • From there, go straight and park your car to the campsite.


Here’s the map from Cubao going to Sitio Maysawa.

treasure mountain

treasure mountain



  • 4 AM to 3 PM(the next day)
  • Entrance fee is PHP 150.00 per head


  • 4 PM to 1 PM(the next day)
  • Entrance fee is PHP 200 per head


PHP 500 per head minimum of 2 guests and maximum of five.


PHP 3,500 for the capacity of 6 guests

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  • CAPACITY: 2 persons
    • PHP 500 per tent
  • CAPACITY: 4 persons
    • PHP 800 per tent
  • Sleeping mat is PHP 200.00

Tent pitching fee is PHP 300 per tent


Breakfast: PHP 150 per meal

Lunch and Dinner: PHP 250 per meal




Here are our expenses during our visit to Treasure mountain.

PHP per pax
Jeep from Cubao to Cogeo 25
From Cogeo to Sitio Maysawa 45
Tricycle to Campsite 50
Entrance fee 200(Overnight)
Tent pitching fee(if you bring a tent) 300
Foods budget 250
Jeep from sitio maysawa to cogeo 45
Jeep from cogeo to cubao 25

treasure mountain


  • Pack light and bring enough water. πŸ’§
  • You can bring your own foods but make sure not to litter ( Bring a garbage bag)
  • There is a sari-sari store at the entrance where you can have a breakfast or lunch.
  • Best time to visit is 4:00 AM so you can witness the sea of clouds before the sunrise.
  • You can also bring alcoholic drinks, corkage fee is PHP 50.00
  • Treasure mountain became more popular after being featured in KMJS, So expect the long queue of visitors in the morning.
  • Guests are restricted from making any kind of noise such as music from speakers or loud conversation after 9 PM. A penalty of PHP 5,000 will be imposed on a guest or a group of guests that is seen or found guilty or not complying with the said regulation.
  • They will start accommodating overnight guest at 4 PM in the afternoon until 8 PM only

treasure mountain

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