Virgin Beach Resort: A Secluded resort in Laiya, Batangas

Virgin Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas – Have you ever wondered if there is a beach that is beautiful and picturesque, clean and quiet, yet not too far from Metro Manila? There is such a place. You can find it in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. It’s called VIRGIN BEACH RESORT. 


Day Tour Package

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Inclusive of Lunch, Entrance, Parking Fees and use of Shower Facilities

ADULT P 1,200.00/pax
CHILDREN (3-10 YEARS OLD) P 750.00/pax
DRIVER/NANNY P 475.00/pax

Half-Day Tour

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Inclusive of Entrance, Parking Fees and use of Shower Facilities

ADULT P 630.00/pax
CHILD(3-10 YEARS OLD) P 315.00/pax

Other Facilities may be rented:

Bed Parasol (with mattress and curtains)
Maximum Capacity of 3
P 1,750.00/day
Dining Parasol
Maximum of 10 pax
P 1,100.00/day

Day tour guests may stay on through the evening should they want to avail of dinner.

Standard Inclusions – Use of resort facilities such as the pavilion, the beach, bare bed parasols, and shower facilities. The use of bare bed parasols are subject to availability.


The Corporate Outing area is open to picnickers when there are no scheduled company outings. Guests may bring in food and drinks and enjoy grilling and have lunch at the beach. Rates for each guest includes entrance and corkage for food and drinks and use of resort facilities such as the beach, shower facilities at the outing area.

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8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Entrance & Corkage: Adult or Child P 370.00/pax
Dining Parasol
Maximum Capacity of 12
P 1,575.00/day
Bed Parasol (with mattress and curtains)
Maximum of 3 pax
P 1,750.00/day
Electricity Fee (for appliances) P 100.00/non-cooking
P 200.00/cooking
Parking Fee P 60.00/car
P 125.00/van
P 370.00/bus

Overnight guests are required to avail their meal package which includes lunch and dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast the following morning.

You can check the rates here:


(December 16 – June 30)
(July 01 – December 15)

Bamboo Cabana

Capacity of 4 persons
with 2 queen size beds
maximum of 6

Extra Person Charge P1,050.00/pax/night
Maximum of 2 additional persons

P 6,500.00
P 11,700.00
P 7,000.00
P 12,600.00
P 5,250.00
P 9,450.00
P 5,700.00
P 10,260.00

You can also check the latest rates at Agoda:


Single Banana Boat (minimum of 5 pax; maximum of 10 pax) P 1,500.00/15 mins
Additional P300 per pax
Twin Banana Boat (maximum of 10 pax) P 3,000.00/15 mins
Boat Trip (maximum capacity of 10 persons) P 1,000.00/hour
Fly Board P 2,500.00/10 mins
P 4,500.00/25 mins
Flying Fish (maximum of 6 pax) P 2,000.00/15 mins
Jetski (maximum of 2 pax) P 4,500.00/hour
P 2,500.00/half hour
P 1,500.00/15 mins
Bandwagon (maximum of 6 pax) P 2,000.00/15mins
Speed Boat (Venom) (maximum of 7 persons) P 3,000.00/15 mins
P 5,000.00/30 mins
P 8,000.00/1 hour
Speed Boat (Raptor) (maximum of 6 persons) P 2,000.00/15 mins
P 3,000.00/30 mins
P 5,000.00/1 hour
Kayak (Tandem) P 550.00/hour
Massage P 300.00/1 hour session

You can also check their website for more info.

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