South Cebu Adventure: 5 Reasons why you should visit Tumalog Falls in Cebu


It’s no wonder why the province of Cebu visits by so many tourists, both local and foreign because of its magnificent attractions, the paradise-like and unique natural wonders that you can find in each Municipality of Cebu. One of these unique attractions is the fresh and cool turquoise pool and the cascading waterfall of Tumalog falls in Oslob.  Tumalog falls is located in the highlands of Oslob, it is only 15 minutes away from the Whale shark watching area.

Most tourists and visitors who go whale shark swimming in Tan-awan, Oslob usually include Tumalog Falls in their itinerary.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should visit Tumalog falls in Cebu.


Hearing the natural sounds of leaves, grass, the light breeze blowing the surroundings, birds chirps and the small stream running with the wind rustling through trees in Tumalog falls will make you feel so relax.  There are so many waterfalls in Cebu such as Dao, Aguinid and Kawasan falls but Tumalog falls is very unique and this is another must-see in the province of Cebu.

The curtain of a waterfall pouring down the turquoise pool which is covered by the gigantic trees and bamboos is just another magical paradise you can be found in the province of Cebu.  The Tumalog falls is so massive and it is located in the middle part of the forest that is why it’s hard to take a whole photo of it even if you have a camera with a wider lens.

But do not be worried, you can still take a photo of it coming from the bottom to the top, or you can also do panorama effects in the camera of your mobile phones.


Looking up to the falls was so relaxing, starring the water falling from above was so amazing. The breathtaking cascade of fresh crystal water that climbs down the mushroom-like formation of rocks into the turquoise pool is extraordinarily impressive.

If you think that Tumalog Falls is just another one of those typical waterfalls that you can see in every poster. I think you are wrong.  At the time I saw this stunning hundred of feet waterfall, I was amazed by its spectacular unique formation and it almost left me speechless, I can’t help myself but to stare and think how great is our God by creating an overwhelming and very peaceful scenery like Tumalog falls in Oslob, Cebu.

Tumalog falls cebu
The Tumalog Falls at our back.


Aside from just watching and listening to the sounds of nature, you can also swim in a chest-level turquoise pool of Tumalog Falls. Yes, you read it right, the water level is very low and obviously, you will not drown. The hotness of summer will definitely put you to a temptation to jump into the fresh and cool turquoise water of Tumalog falls.

[easy-image-collage id=1702]

You can also get a back and shoulder massage from the pouring gentle water from falls.

Tumalog falls

Unfortunately, there is not much water flowing down the waterfall during our visit in Tumalog falls. I think it is natural in the drought season. We visited Tumalog falls last February 2017.


Did you know that being with nature, or even viewing scenes of nature will make you reduces your anger, fear, stress? Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it also helps you to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones. Yes! It is based on the scientific researches. Psychologists research explains the mental and physical restoration we can get from nature.

Grandeur – I think that’s the right word to describe the beauty of Tumalog falls. The covering woods, gigantic trees, bamboo, plants and the waterfall itself is complementing each other to make you fall in love with nature.So, don’t give too much time in front of screens, it is deadly, go out and seek for some adventure guys.


Last but not the least. There are plenty of fish ready to massage your tired and sore feet from the entrance of Tumalog falls. Since we came from Sumilon Island which is some part of the beach is a bit rocky, I did not hesitate to grab this opportunity to get a free foot massage from the smalls fishes swimming in the tiny pond located near the entrance of Tumalog falls.

Tumalog falls in Cebu
Group of fish tickling my feet

When you drop off your feet into the water, they automatically started to come to you to clean and massage your feet. This is my very first time experience having a foot massage from fishes, the feeling was like they bite and tickle you and it is just incredibly awesome.


Actually, we have a van because it is included in our tour package in Cebu. So I can only share direction based on my own experience. Tumalog falls is just 15 minutes away from Whale shark watching area in Oslob. You can easily find Tumalog falls, just watch out for the “Tumalog falls” signs along the highway. There’s is a parking area in the first entrance of Tumalog falls but only motorcycles are allowed to drive thru. You can either walk or ride a habal-habal (Single motorcycle). Luckily, the road was already paved but it’s scary because it is downhill. I asked the driver about the fare and he said P 60.00 for one way trip. So, it is P 120.00 for the round trip.

Tumalog falls is just another place in Cebu you should put on your bucket list.

Thanks for reading.

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